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The Truth About Fat Burning Cardio

The truth about fat burning cardio is that you don't have to do traditional cardio! Say goodbye to long, boring aerobic workouts if your dream is to lose fat. You simply don't need to spend 30, 40, 60 minutes or more on a cardio machine, like the treadmill or elliptical, in the hopes of losing weight. Instead, there is a much faster way to burn fat and lose inches.

In the past, personal trainers made the mistake of thinking fitness meant fat loss. However, while it takes a very fit cardiovascular system to finish a marathon, that doesn't guarantee that you will lose weight. After all, it is so easy for bad nutrition to wipe out a 45, 60, or even 90 minute workout in less than 5 minutes. It's just too darn easy to let a bad diet eliminate the fat burning benefits of a cardio workout.

The 1980's were the pinnacle of the "cardio for fat loss" programs, but more and more men and women found out the hard way that cardio was just not the best weight loss exercise method. Finally, in the middle of the 1990's, a research group in Canada compared long, slow steady-state cardio against high-intensity interval training, and the world was shocked by the results. Even though the cardio workouts were longer, and even burned more calories in the exercise, it was the interval training group that lost more body fat.

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Still, it wasn't until 1998 when I stumbled upon the fat burning benefits of interval training, and it was all because I was training athletes with sprint training. I knew that interval training was better for improving fitness, and we found that the athletes were losing a lot of body fat each week with interval training. In 1999, I performed the first ever Turbulence Training workout, featuring interval training and supersets. Since that day, I've used intervals, not cardio, and Turbulence Training to help thousands of men and women with fat burning.

Why were all the trainers before me fooled by cardio? Well, we have to take a look at the research. Almost every study before the mid-1990's focused on endurance training for cardiovascular health. Scientists weren't even studying interval training. The researchers also found that long, cardio workouts burned a bunch of calories during the workout, and therefore decided that the only way to lose weight was with cardio. But as one study from 2006 showed, it is tough to lose a lot of weight with cardio, even if you do it 6 days per week for an entire year. In that study, men and women lost an average of 6 pounds, despite doing over 300 hours of cardio.

The best thing you can do to improve your fat burning cardio program is to give up long, slow boring cardio, and switch over to interval training to lose fat. Each Turbulence Training workout comes with at least 2 fat burning interval training programs to help you lose fat faster than ever.

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