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Interval Training for Fat Burning

Interval training is the best workout for fat burning, but science doesn't really explain why it works so well - only that it does!

There have been two research studies - one from Canada and one from Australia - showing interval training as being better for fat burning and weight loss than normal, slow, boring cardio. In fact, not only does interval training work better for fat burning, but the interval training workouts are much shorter and require far less workout time than normal cardio workouts.

But it is hard to get folks to give up the ineffective cardio and to use fat burning intervals instead. Most people are too "hung up" on the number of calories burned in a cardio workout, according to the machines (which research shows are not even 100% accurate). Unfortunately, an interval training workout will not burn the same amount of calories as a regular cardio workout, and so folks think they will get more results with cardio. But if I can convince you to give interval training a try, I guarantee that you will get more fat burning results in less workout time than you will with slow cardio workouts.

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To do interval training, you need to alternate between a short burst of hard exercise and a short period of easy recovery. For example, after a 3-5 minute warm-up of moderate cardio, you'd do 1 minute at a slightly harder than normal cardio pace and then bring the intensity down to a cool-down pace for 1 minute. Alternate back and forth 6 times and then do a 3 minute cool-down. That is what interval training is all about. It's short, fast, and effective.

Interval training is counter-intuitive, meaning that it is the opposite of what you think will work. Most folks are hung-up on the marathon mentality of always having an elevated heart-rate, and they think that is the most important component of a fat burning workout. But that is not true. Instead, the most important workout factor in a fat burning program is how much "WORK" is done. If you increase the intensity of the work, as you do in interval training, then you will do more work and put more "turbulence" on the muscles. Putting more turbulence on the muscles, as you do in Turbulence Training, will help you burn more fat. Period. It doesn't matter that your heart rate does not stay constant for 30 minutes. Steady state cardio does not work as well as interval training where your heart rate goes up and then comes way back down.

So the biggest problem most folks have with interval training is that they do NOT rest enough during the recovery period. Because they are addicted to an elevated heart rate, they skimp on the recovery, by either exercising too hard or recovering too little. This leads to a decrease in the intensity used in the work interval, and that might lead to less total work - and total fat burning - done in the session.

You must focus on the quality and intensity of the work interval when you do interval training. That means that the only time you are really exercising is during the work interval. When you do the recovery interval, you should be using it for just that…recovery. You should be going as slow as possible without standing still. That allows your heart rate to recover and for you to be prepared to work really hard in your next work interval. So an interval training workout is a time of extremes. You should be going at a 8/10 or 9/10 intensity level in the work interval, and dropping down to a 3/10 in the recovery period. To give you a perspective, a normal 30 minute cardio workout would be considered a 6/10 intensity level.

So work hard, then recover, and you'll get the most out of your fat burning interval training workout.

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