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So many fat burning tips are garbage, so I'm going to give you only the best trips that really work. In fact, we'll stick to the top 3 keys to fat loss. If you just focus on these 3 things you can ignore all the other crap and just get results!

Most trainers are uninformed about the science of fat loss, and tell you that you must do weird rituals to burn fat. But what they don't know is that we are ALWAYS burning fat, even when we are sprinting or lying on the couch.

It doesn't matter, you can never turn the fat burning tap off. But what we need to do to lose fat is open up the calorie burning faucet. And here's how…

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Fat Burning Tip #1 - Give up long, slow boring cardio and switch to short, burst interval training.

Research from Australia has found that interval training help you burn belly fat faster than slow cardio, even when the slow cardio workouts were twice as long! The scientists are not exactly sure why this is, but my experience confirms this result. My clients get more results with interval training.

Fat Burning Tip #2 - Do resistance training to burn calories and sculpt your muscles.

Listen, you need to work all of your muscles for maximum fat burning. You can't just rely on your lower body in jogging or when using the elliptical machine. Muscle also helps burn fat while you are not working out.

Fat Burning Tip #3 - Eat whole, natural foods to keep the fat burning faucet open.

First of all, there is no such thing as a "fat burning food". No food actually burns fat. In fact, every food has the potential to SLOW fat burning. That's why you need to avoid over-eating and you need to avoid processed foods from a bag or a box that contain added sugar and fat.

If you stick to whole, natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts, you will be less likely to overeat because you will be satisfied by these high fiber foods. Plus, you won't experience dramatic increases or decreases in your blood sugar level, and that will give you consistent mental alertness to stay awake all day long - no more falling asleep after lunch.

And that's it. That's all you really need to do. I'm sure you were hoping for so much more, and some fat burning tips like "drink cold water" or "exercise in the morning on an empty stomach", but none of those tips really add up to real fat loss over time.

Instead, you need to exercise with quality, intense workouts featuring total body exercises and multi-muscle movements, like the programs found in Turbulence Training.

In addition, you need to have your diet eliminate chips, cookies, fries, and all that junk, as well as sodas, juices, high calorie smoothies, and sports drinks. And of course, eliminate alcohol calories as well.

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Eat whole natural foods and do resistance and interval training to keep the fat burning faucet WIDE OPEN!

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