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It's very easy to spot a great fat burning exercise. If it is hard, involves a lot of muscle, and most people don't like to do it in their fat loss workout, then chances are it is one of the best fat burning exercises you can do.

But if an exercise is easy, such as the elliptical machine or triceps kickbacks with a light weight, than you know you want to stay away from it, if you want maximum fat burning results in minimal exercise time.

It's also important to understand that a good fat burning workout does not have to be only cardio exercise. In fact, as you'll discover later in this article, there is a much better form of "cardio" for fat loss than the long, slow workouts you are used to doing. But first, I want to prove to you that resistance training exercises are powerfully effective for helping men and women lose fat from their bodies, especially belly fat.

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Most of the best fat burning resistance training exercises involve bending at the knees. These include traditional squatting, deadlifting, lunges, and step-ups, along with non-traditional exercises such as split squats, Bulgarian split squats, and swings. If some of these sound foreign to you, don't worry. You'll discover exactly how to do them with perfect form in the Turbulence Training for fat loss system.

Bending at the knees requires the large muscle groups of the hips and thighs to work hard, and by using so much muscle, you'll burn more calories. Another neglected area that has a lot of muscle to burn calories is the upper back. That's why the Turbulence Training workouts include so many rowing and pulling exercises. These exercises will get you a lot of fat burning results fast.

Finally, you can't ignore total-body bodyweight exercises as a secret source of fat burning circuits. I even have a time-tested fat burning circuit protocol I use with bodyweight exercises. First, start with a fast bodyweight exercise, such as jumping jacks or running in place. That builds fat burning intensity from the start.

Then alternate between lower and upper-body bodyweight exercises for the next 6 exercises. An example would be Prisoner Squats, then pushups, then lunges, then bodyweight rows, then mountain climbers, and then step-ups. Finish the circuit off with another fast paced bodyweight exercise like jumps or burpees. Do not rest between exercises, but take a one minute break once you are all the way through the circuit. This is an advanced example, and advanced fitness folks could do it 3 times in 15-20 minutes for a fun, fat burning session.

Finally, going back to cardio, you want to use interval training as your fat burning cardio exercise of choice. Research from Canada and Australia has shown that interval training is better for fat loss than old-school cardio.

If you want the best fat burning exercises, do the ones you hate. Fortunately, you can cut your exercise time by 2/3's and you'll be in and out of the gym in only 45 minutes, 3 times per week with these fat burning exercises.

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