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5 Simple Fat Burning Nutrition rules

If you are sick of being confused and frustrated by the nutrition articles you read, and not sure how to eat for fat burning, then I want to clear up some of the biggest weight loss nutrition myths in this article. I hope that things become easier to understand and less intimidating for you on your fat burning journey.

The most important nutrition tips to remember for fat burning are:

1. You must eat fewer calories than your body needs in order to burn fat.

2. Everyone should eat a wide variety of whole, natural foods, including lots of fruits and vegetables, for health, and this too will help you with fat loss (because it is hard to eat too many calories from fruits and vegetables).

3. Avoid most foods that come in a bag or a box, such as foods containing added sugar and trans-fatty acids. Also, avoid drinking your calories from drinks containing added sugar.

4. Allow yourself a reward meal each week, but otherwise try to stick to your nutrition plan 90% of the time.

5. Record all of the food you eat for 7 days to identify nutrition problems and trouble spots where you tend to overeat. Then come up with two solutions to every obstacle to avoid ruining your fat burning diet.

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Those are some very simple rules to help you lose weight. Most of us know what we should and should not eat for weight loss. We know that fast food is bad. We know that vegetables are good. We know that sugar is bad, but often we don't know that many foods contain sugar - so that's why it is good to avoid foods from a bag or a box, because many of these foods contain added sugar. It is very important for you to read food labels.

We also know that we must create some kind of caloric deficit, either through exercise or diet, so that we end up burning more calories than we eat. Or more simply, we know that what goes in our mouths must not be more than what we need each day. The only problem is that it is hard to do that in this day and age, because of all the high-calorie foods.

There are several ways to avoid over-eating. First, you must eliminate junk food from your diet, including all those foods with added calories, fat, and sugar. We also need to track what goes in our mouths each day, because we all have a tendency to forget about some of the calories we eat, and that will slow down our fat burning. So keep a nutrition journal or use a common website to find out how many calories you eat each day. When you are able to eat fewer calories than you need, your fat burning will kick into high gear.

Fortunately, there is room for a reward meal and a couple of other treats each week. You don't have to eat chicken and broccoli for 3 meals per day, 7 days per week. Once per week, give yourself a reward meal and eat whatever you want, but just allow yourself only one serving. Don't get up and go back for more. Enjoy that food, but get back to your fat burning nutrition plan as soon as you are done.

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