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The best cardio workout has been discovered after years of research AND through thousands of hours of detailed fat burning program design. That's great news for you, because when we combine the research with proven Turbulence Training workouts, that means guaranteed fat loss for you!

In fact, this morning I went out to use the proven fat burning cardio system discovered by researchers, athletes and top personal trainers. But it's not what you think. It didn't require me to go to a gym and use an elliptical machine.

The truth is that if you love reading magazines, watching TV, and wasting hours at the gym, you won't like this new cardio exercise program. In fact, I refuse to call it cardio at all, and you don't ever need to do long, slow boring cardio on a machine ever again!

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Here's why…researchers have found that interval training - periods of harder than normal cardio exercise followed by periods of very light activity - burn belly fat faster than long slow cardio.

In a study from Australia, scientists had women do a 12 week workout program, using either interval training (for only 20 minutes) or slow cardio (for 40 minutes, meaning these poor women had to exercise twice as long!).

Each subject exercised only three times per week, and what the scientists found was shocking! They expected the women who exercised more to lose fat, but it was the interval training group that lost belly fat.


The researchers concluded that interval training was the best cardio workout, if you want to call it that (and remember, I don't!). So you can drop long, slow boring cardio from your life today!

Here's what you need to do instead. Start your exercise session with a warm-up. Make sure you don't skip this. For example, for my interval training workout today, I started with a walk and then slowly increased my intensity.

In fact, my interval training fat burning workout went like this. I walked my dog, Bally, over to High Park in Toronto. From there I started jogging, and then picked it up after a minute, and increased my workout intensity.

Then I slowed it back down to a walk, let my heart rate decrease, and then I was ready for my first fat burning interval. I ran for 30 seconds at a pace that was a 9/10 intensity level for me. We zipped through the trails on a nice soft surface.

When I was done that interval, I started walking again until my heart rate stopped racing. Then I repeated the interval, this time running up a hill. Again and again I repeated this fat burning interval training system for a total of eight intervals.

Justsayno Book

This is truly the best cardio workout for fat burning. But again, I don't even like calling this type of exercise "cardio". It's best to call it fat burning interval training. Cardio is a "bad word" in my world, and describes what bored people do in stuffy gyms while reading magazines and getting zero results.

So if you want burn fat fast, skip the cardio workout and use the best fat burning interval training programs from Turbulence Training.

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