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The best fat burning cardio is interval training. After all, regular cardio does not help you lose fat. But with interval training, you'll lose fat and get your workout done in half the time.

One set of interval training is defined as: Each time you do an interval and follow it with a rest period. Therefore, to do 6 sets means you will do 6 intervals and you'll rest 6 times.

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For example, after a warm-up, you'll do…

  • Hard "work interval" for designated length of time (see program)
  • Easy "recovery interval" for designated length of time (see program)
  • Repeat up to 6 times.
  • Finish with a cool-down.

So use intervals as your fat burning cardio. As for improving, focus on increasing the intensity of the intervals. As you get fit, the once relatively hard interval will soon be an easy interval. Therefore, you will just need to increase the intensity by running faster, cycling against more resistance, etc.

You can reduce the rest periods, but that sacrifices intensity, and the key to success is the work interval intensity. Don't sacrifice work intensity by reducing the rest interval too much. We might also increase the duration or number of work intervals, but we don't do any more than 6 intervals in a workout.

Q: If I have extra time is it O.K. to do 10 intervals instead of 6?


No, 6 intervals are enough for one workout. With each interval, your performance will drop off and you will get diminishing returns for your efforts. Focus on quality training, not quantity.

Beginners will feel as though they can do more intervals simply because they are not able to exercise at a high-intensity level (even though they think they are working at a high intensity level). The more advanced your fitness, the more intense your workouts. And if you are advanced, you will know what it is like to truly perform 6 intense intervals.

This is very similar to resistance training. The stronger and more advanced someone is, the more difficult it will be for this person to do repeated sets at a high intensity - since they can use more of their muscle fibers and make the exercise significantly more intense than a beginner who uses the same relative intensity.

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