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How to Burn More Fat?

If you are struggling to lose weight, this story will show you how to break free of cardio and burn more fat doing the things you love. Take a look at Emily Johnson, the grand prize winner of the first Turbulence Training Transformation Contest.

Just like Emily started out, most folks are dealing with destructive cycles of weight gain and weight loss, but never really discover the fat burning secrets that will help them stay thin forever. Fortunately, Emily's fat loss journey revealed exactly how she could lose fat doing the things she loved and eating the delicious meals she liked to make.

When you put these secrets into action, you'll conquer and overcome the food demons you've struggled with in the past. You'll be free and finally YOU will have the power over food and the ability to achieve the body of your dreams.

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Here's how Emily made these discoveries and how you can use her secrets to stay thin for life. Before the Transformation Contest, Emily had been trying to burn more fat for years but she had tried the excessive cardio routines without luck.

For some strange reason, despite all of her hard work, Emily never managed to make any significant progress in the fight against fat. What really held her back were the same diet problems that bothered so many other men and women. She knew what she should be eating but she could never stick to the plan, and she would start binge eating.

Through the Transformation Contest, Emily finally discovered the secret to sticking to her diet and the simple ways to lose fat with nutrition.

Emily Emily

The secret was social support and accountability to others. Emily didn't have that before the Turbulence Training Transformation Contest, but as soon as she entered and began posting her daily meals and workouts on the TT forums, it jump started a permanent change in her behavior on how to burn fat.

Thanks to the simplicity of the workouts, Emily was able to destroy the excuses about having no time or motivation to exercise. Her workouts were short, fun, fast, and effective and she spends less time exercising but gets more results than ever before.

So the Turbulence Training Workouts are the 2nd secret to success. But the 3rd secret has nothing to do with eating or exercising. Instead, Emily found that by setting specific goals and building a structured path to reaching her goals, that she was finally able to achieve a fat burning transformation success story.

Let's put that all together. Emily needed social support and accountability, was able to find the right diet and exercise program for her personality, and she set goals to guide her behavior. Those are the 3 secrets to fat burning success.

Like you, Emily thought she could do it all on her own, building her own workouts and being her own motivation, but she soon found out how important it is to get help from others (social support and accountability) and to use professional workouts and diet plans. Only then was she able to burn fat.

If you want to burn more fat, reach your goals, and finally find that diet and exercise plan that is perfect for your life, get started with the Turbulence Training Lifestyle today!

Turbulence Training
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