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The "Cardio Workout" mentality is a joke. There is nothing special about DRIVING to a fancy, expensive gym where you walk on the treadmill. You can do the same thing outside and get some fresh air.

Most folks are addicted to cardio machines for one big reason - they tell you how many calories you burn during your cardio workout. However, independent research shows that these calorie counters overestimate the calorie burn by 30%!

Plus, you are inside using an unsanitary machine. Trust me, I've cleaned those machines before and I know how much junk and gunk builds up on those things after a few thousand people sweat on them. And you're working out side by side with people who have colds and disgusting habits.

The bottom line is that you don't need to go to a gym and use a cardio machine to burn calories. You can do all sorts of other activities, including many in the comfort of your own home so you don't have to drive to the gym.

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But what if you like to do cardio workouts? Well, that's fine. I just want to offer an alternative to folks who dislike doing those boring workouts on a treadmill or elliptical machine while reading a magazine or watching cardio theater.

If you dread doing cardio workouts, the truth is that you don't have to do them. There are hundreds of other ways that you can burn just as many calories without ever having to go to the gym. From hiking to sports, kettlebell exercises to swimming, you never have to sit at work all day long thinking, "Oh dread, I have to do cardio tonight."

Life is too short for cardio! Especially the low-intensity kind of cardio. After all, research study after research study shows little to no weight loss even after dozens or hundreds of cardio workout hours.

One study from United States had men and women do six hour of cardio for a year, but these folks lost only 6 pounds after 300 hours of cardio! In another study comparing low intensity cardio and high intensity aerobic exercise, only the high intensity exercise helped folks lose belly fat.

And finally, another study from Australia compared 40 minutes of low intensity cardio workout against 20 minutes of interval training, and the low intensity cardio did nothing for fat loss, but the interval training group burned belly fat.

 Just Say No To Cardio

So stop leafing through the same disgusting "sweated on" magazines at your gym and give up the cardio workout mentality that you don't even like in the first place. If you'd rather be dancing, hiking, doing yoga, bodyweight exercises, playing sports or walking the dog, you can do all of those and still get the same results.

Common sense and scientific research show us that cardio workout programs rarely work for burning belly fat, so why bother? If you stay active and eat a healthy diet, you'll live a long and lean life without cardio.

Plus, you'll save time, money, and gas by not driving to the gym six days per week because you think you need to use a machine to lose fat. You don't! You can just live an active live and burn fat. And if you want maximum results, use the Turbulence Training interval workouts!

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