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If you do cardio everyday but are not losing weight, then you need to switch your program to include more fat burning exercise methods. Stop the low intensity treadmill and switch to short burst exercise.

Today you're going to discover 5 burn fat exercises you can do in a circuit. By doing this type of circuit three days per week for 20-30 minutes, you'll transform your body faster and better than if you did 45 minutes of slow cardio.

Let's start your Big 5 fat burning circuit with a squat exercise. You can do anything from kettlebell swings to barbell squats, or bodyweight squats if you are a beginner. The goal is to use as much muscle as possible, and I'll give you a couple of example circuits later.

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The second exercise works your upper body pushing muscles. You could use any type of pushup or dumbbell press or even barbell presses if you go to a gym. I like to alternate between exercises with weights and bodyweight exercises to make the fat burning circuit go faster and it is more convenient that way as well.

The third exercise will switch to your pulling muscles, such as your upper back, lats, and biceps. Think of doing a chinup, bodyweight row, seated cable row or dumbbell row for this movement. If you are a beginner, get a set of bands to do resistance band rows. Advanced fat burning workouts might even use deadlifts.

Next up is the most challenging part of the circuit. By now you will be slightly fatigued from the three amazing burn fat exercises you've already done, but I want you to add a single-leg exercise.

For beginners, you might do one-leg hip extensions, while intermediates could do split squats or step-ups. Advanced programs will include some type of lunge, single leg deadlift or single-leg squat. Tough stuff!

Finally, you'll finish off your fat burning circuit with a total-body ab exercise. This doesn't mean doing crunches. Instead, you will do mountain climbers or stability ball jackknives or stability ball rollouts.

Beginners would do a plank, side plank, or bird dog exercise instead. But whatever you choose, do not use a crunch or a sit-up. Sure those work the abs, but they can be hard on the back. The other exercises I've listed do more for your body.

So that ends your five burn fat exercises circuit. You can rest a minute or two and go through it again and again. Three times should be enough. Do about 8-12 repetitions per exercise. It's quite simple and goes by a lot faster than being on a treadmill.

Here's an advanced circuit: Barbell Squat, Decline Pushup, Bodyweight Row, 1-leg deadlift, stability ball rollout.

And for beginners: Bodyweight Squat, Incline Pushup, Dumbbell Row, Bodyweight Split Squat (use wall for balance), plank.

I recommend using doing three different circuits during a week, and sticking to those circuits for 4 weeks time. You can also slip one of these circuits into a traditional Turbulence Training A-B workout split.

There are many ways to use these burn fat exercises in this type of circuit, and all are guaranteed to help you lose fat and sculpt your body.

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