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Most trainers don't have a clue when it comes to the fastest workout routines to burn fat. If you've been told you need to do long, slow, boring cardio to lose weight, your trainer is out of touch. That's not the best way to lose fat.

In fact, I've had clients lose over 100 pounds once they STOPPED doing cardio. Heck, it was their reliance on long, slow, ineffective cardio that kept them overweight in the first place. You'll find out more from one success story, Juan Ruiz, and his workouts below.

First, let me be clear that the best way to get rid of belly fat is to eat fewer calories than you need. You have to have the right nutrition plan to lose weight, and not even the fastest workout programs in the world can out-train a bad diet.

Juan Ruiz

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You must avoid foods from a bag or a box and eat whole, natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, and legumes. It is almost impossible to over-eat those foods, so you'll be full and you'll have a lot of energy to devote to your work day, family, and even your workout routines to burn fat.

Now let's take a look at Juan's workouts. He didn't do cardio. Instead, he used Turbulence Training, and he started with the Original Turbulence Training workout routine. This is the program I first developed all the way back in 2001 (and that I named Turbulence Training while on a bumpy flight from Salt Lake City to Toronto).

This short exercise program consisted of a bodyweight circuit warm-up followed by a short resistance training superset workout and it finished with interval training. Each strength training workout was basic, featuring a lower body exercise, an upper body pushing exercise, and upper body pulling exercise, and another total body movement.

Workout Routines Burn Fat

Most folks think you have to train one bodypart each day, but that's false. You can sculpt your body and lose fat by doing short resistance training workouts and interval training. Plus, you get in and out of the gym in half the time of traditional "cardio" workouts.

Juan spent four weeks on each program, and graduated to the Turbulence Training 2K3 program next. This workout program used an upper-body and lower-body split. That means he did one workout of upper body exercises, then rested a day, and then did a lower body and abs workout.

You'll alternate between upper and lower workouts for 4 weeks, and this really appeals to the person who wants to build upper body muscle or give their abs extra attention. Plus these workouts are as fun as any workout routine can be!

Finally, Juan finished up his 12 week body transformation challenge by completely changing gears and switching over to the Intermediate Level workout from the Original Turbulence Training for Bodyweight program.

Craig Ballantyne

These bodyweight workout routines to burn fat don't require dumbbells or weight machines. You can do bodyweight exercises any time, and anywhere. And yes, bodyweight exercises will help you sculpt your muscles.

Remember that your diet helps you lose fat more than your workouts. On the other hand, your workouts act like a sculptor, putting curves in all the right spots. And bodyweight exercises work just as well as weights for most people.

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