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If you want a proven system that burns fat all day long, the answer is simple and easy. And it doesn't involve long cardio or diet depravation.

Fortunately, our body is burning fat all the time, even as you site here and read this article. But what you do in your workouts and with your diet control how much you open the fat burning faucet to drive weight loss.

Let me explain a little bit…first, most people eat too much sugar and fat in the form of processed foods. Now there's nothing wrong with sugar from whole, natural foods like fruit, but if you consume a bag of chips and soda, your belly fat is in trouble.

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And when you eat all those easy calories through junk food and soda, you increase the levels of a hormone called insulin inside your body. You've probably heard of insulin because it is also a drug that diabetics to help control their blood sugar.

When you increase insulin, you crank the tap on the fat burning faucet so that it is almost completely closed. That's not good. So you must avoid those foods and allow the faucet to stay open and flowing by eating whole, natural foods like fruits and vegetables.

The second thing you need to understand is that food doesn't burn fat. You may have read about fat burning foods, but no food actually causes you to burn fat. Instead, some foods "ALLOW" you to burn fat, while others almost shut it down.

But just remember, food is a powerful controller of your fat burning furnace, so don't overeat and don't eat junk.

Now if food doesn't burn fat, what does? The answer is exercise. From slow cardio to interval training, many types of workout programs burn fat. But you're looking for the fastest way to burn fat with as little equipment as possible.

After all, it's not always possible to drive to the gym to use their fancy machines. In fact, you don't even need to do that anyways. Here's a better use of your time - it's called interval training.

In 2007, Australian researchers reported that doing only 20 minutes of interval training three times per week helped subjects burn belly fat better than doing 40 minutes of slow cardio three times per week.

The results shocked most of the fitness world, although for trainers like myself, I had been using interval training for almost a decade and I knew how powerful these short burst workouts could be for fat loss.

So if you are exercising with long slow cardio and trying to lose weight, I want you to stop right now. Instead, switch over to interval training. But first, make sure you also have resistance training in your program.

Research shows that resistance training, like the programs used in Turbulence Training, help you burn more calories and lose fat. Yes, even resistance training burns fat. You can stop doing cardio and use shorter workouts for fat loss.

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