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Fat Burner pills are a joke. Sure it would be nice to pop a few pills and wake up 10 pounds slimmer tomorrow but that's not reality.

The truth is you should save your money and spend it on whole, natural foods instead. After all, diet is more important than exercise when it comes to lose fat, and you simply can't burn a lot of calories by taking pills.

But, you say, you've read so many articles about how caffeine, exotic berries, and other supplements can help you lose weight. So what about them?

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Well, I have bad news for you. Supplements do NOT work for fat loss. Listen, caffeine is not a fat burner. While it has been shown to boost metabolism slightly, and I mean very slightly, it won't help you lose fat.

There are NO studies out there showing us that taking caffeine pills helps you lose weight. Plus, if we just take a look at the revolving door over at Starbucks, we can see that the folks going in and out of there with high-caffeine drinks aren't losing belly fat. So caffeine as a fat burner pill is a joke. It just doesn't work, sorry!

In fact, any product labeled as a thermogenic simply does not work. You can't take a pill and burn more calories than you could from working out. Plus, as I've said here many times, you can't out-exercise a bad diet anyway.

So expecting fat burner diet pills to beat a bad diet is hopeless. I'm sorry. Fat burners are misnamed and simply don't burn fat. They do burn through your money, though.

By the way, the "miracle supplement and drink" Green tea doesn't burn fat either. I don't care if you take it as a pill or if you drink 6 cups per day, you will not lose fat with Green Tea...unless you replace a sugar-laden coffee with a calorie free green tea. So sorry, but Oprah was wrong about this one.

In the end, it is all about calories in and calories out, but mostly about calories in. You need to control your diet and eat more whole, natural foods so you have fewer calories you need to burn off. It is that simple.

One other supplement that just doesn't work - but that won't go away - is CLA. But it too is a joke and will not help you lose fat. In addition, you may have read about Calcium as a fat burner but it does NOT burn fat. I have no idea how anyone could have believed that in the first place.

And the one last supplement I want to talk to you about is Acai berry. This stuff is a scam and doesn't burn fat. It's just juice, and you know juice doesn't burn fat.

In fact, I hope you haven't been scammed by acai berrry, because I've heard horror stories about those companies charging your credit card month after month, even if you have already cancelled! So stay away from that junk!

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Stay away from all the so-called fat burner pills and avoid that junk for good. You'll lose more fat with whole foods and Turbulence Training workouts.

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