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If you want the best fat burn diet, then you must read this diet tip Q'n'A to understand how to use nutrition to help you lose fat.

But the most important rule is to avoid eating too much. And you can do that by sticking to whole, natural foods such as fruits and vegetables, and avoiding foods from a bag or a box. You should also eliminate any liquid calories from your diet (including soda, alcohol, and juices).

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Q: Should I skip breakfast to make room for other meals?


No. Research shows it is an integral part of a fat loss program. You are encouraged to eat several small meals per day, starting with breakfast. This will help you control your appetite and maintain high energy levels. People that skip breakfast tend to eat too many calories later in the day, so make it a habit to start each day with a healthy breakfast.

Q: Can I eat carbohydrates? Shouldn't I try and avoid carbohydrates?


Carbohydrates are part of a healthy diet. For example, fruits and vegetables should not be eliminated from a fat loss diet or any diet. However, it is a good idea to avoid lots of sugar, especially foods that have added sugar. And you should always avoid sugary drinks. Read the nutrition section for more information and be sure to monitor your daily food intake on Fitday.com.

Q: How much protein should I eat on a fat burn diet?


You should eat a small amount of protein at every meal. People that exercise need more protein than sedentary people, but it is very easy to get all of your protein needs in your diet (even if you are a vegetarian). If you eat a small serving of lean protein with each mini-meal, that will help you get the protein you need to maintain muscle and lose fat. The general recommendation for lean people is 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. Overweight people need LESS than 1 gram per pound of bodyweight.

Q: How much fat do I eat? Shouldn't I try to avoid fat?


You shouldn't avoid all fat. Some fats are bad, such as trans-fats, but other fats, such as those from fish and nuts are very healthy. In fact, these healthy fats are essential. Please refer to the nutrition section for more information, and monitor your food intake on fitday.com.

Q: Should I stop eating after 6pm?


No, you don't have to stop eating after 6pm. There are no forbidden times for eating. Stick to your daily plan by spreading out your calorie and protein intake into several small meals spaced a couple of hours apart. Don't skip any meals, no matter if they are early or late. Just remember the overall goal is to eat and exercise consistently. So it's okay to eat late as long as it fits your daily plan. Plan your meals and snacks and plan to avoid food traps such as buffet dinners or late night snacks of soda pop and chips.

Q: People at work tell me to squirt some lemon juice in my water and to drink it ice cold to lose weight. What does lemon water do and does it work?


These are two more weight loss myths. Drinking ice cold water with lemon juice in it will not directly help you lose fat any faster than drinking plain water. There's simply no substitute for a good training program and proper nutrition.

But if the water helps fill you up and keep you from drinking soda or eating poor snacks, then keep drinking, but don't worry about how cold it is or if it contains lemon juice.

Q: Do meal replacements work?


Yes, meal replacement drinks and protein powders can help structure your daily eating especially when you are on the run. When possible, we would rather you eat wholesome, natural whole foods that contain lean proteins, fiber, and all the nutrients that only food can provide. Use meal replacements to supplement your nutrition plan.

The best fat burn diet simply consists of whole, natural foods such as fruits and vegetables, raw nuts, and some meat (if you choose to eat meat). Avoid foods from a bag or a box and you'll lose fat fast.

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