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Muscle burns fat and helps you stay slim. Did you know that? Most people ignore the weight loss and fat burning benefits of resistance training, but one study from Perdue University found that strength training burns fat and sculpts muscle.

In the study, men and women over the age of 60 did a resistance training circuit three times per week for 12 weeks. At the end of the study, these folks had lost 4 pounds of fat and gained 4 pounds of muscle to burn fat.

And that was in folks over the age of 60! Just imagine the amazing results that you can have by burning fat through muscle. Plus, they didn't do any cardio or change their diet.

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Just imagine the results they would have achieved by eating more whole, natural foods and adding 2-3 interval training sessions per week. It would have been amazing, and probably doubled the amount of fat loss.

In the Turbulence Training program, not only do you get the nutritional advice you need, but you also get an interval training program AND a more effective fat burning resistance training program.

After all, my programs have been featured in Men's Health magazine for years and have helped men and women lose up to 34 pounds in 12 weeks.

Plus, the training recommendations I make are safe as well. Here's why I recommend not going to failure while building muscle to burn fat and why I suggest using the bike for interval training.

These two conservative decisions were made with SAFETY in mind.

Many of the recipients of the workout manuals train at home. By stopping 1 repetition before failure, we have a built-in safety mechanism. If people are training hard, they are still using the same amount of muscle even if they stop 1 rep before failure (this is based on actual results from a study I completed during my 4th year at McMaster University).

Stopping one rep short of failure will still give you the same benefits as going to failure, but without risking the chance of improper technique.

Now it's not as much of an issue with the exercises in Turbulence Training because they are almost all dumbbell exercises. It would become a bigger issue if a barbell press was involved, and failure meant you were stuck under the bar.

And I recommend intervals on the bike as a conservative approach.

There is no fear of a misstep or falling off the bike...but at high interval speeds, one could do so on the treadmill. We have found the bike to be incredibly effective for interval training.

The other point is that outside sprinting demands an extensive warm-up in order to avoid hamstring strain. And often, people neglect a proper warm-up. However, running is a great way to do intervals as long as you prepare properly.

Train hard but safe so that your muscle burns fat all day long and helps you get lean and slim in just a few short weeks.

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