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I have great news for you. Despite what you might have heard, the best way burn fat is not by doing endless hours of long, slow, boring cardio. Instead, scientific research proves you can burn more belly fat in just half the time.

Jason Davie used research proven workouts to lose 31.7 pounds of fat in less than 12 weeks, and he didn’t use cardio. Jason did this by entering the Turbulence Training Transformation Contest, which hundreds of men and women have used as the best way to burn fat.

Before the contest, Jason was overweight and unhappy. He used excuse after excuse to avoid getting started, but when he heard about the Transformation Contest, the competition motivated him to get started – only 4 days before his 33rd birthday.

Every four weeks Jason changed his program, starting with the Intermediate Turbulence Training for Fat Loss program and finishing with the TT Bodyweight Cardio circuits program. As a former athlete, Jason was naturally drawn to the bodyweight exercises and loved those workouts.

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Jason also loved that dozens of exercise variations, and doesn’t ever expect to get bored of these fat loss programs. And not only has he achieved dramatic changes in his body, but he’s also tripled the number of pushups he can do from 20 to 60!

At the end of the 12 week Transformation Contest, Jason knew he had found the best way to burn fat. He lost a whopping 31.7 pounds of fat, going from almost 193 pounds down to a lean 161 pounds in just 84 days. He also 9.5 inches from his hips, 7.5 inches of belly fat, 4 inches from his thighs, and 3.5 inches from his waist.

And he did all of this without losing muscle from his biceps. Oh, and he doesn’t want you to forget that he lost 1.5 inches from his neck and no longer has a double chin!

Jason discovered the best way to burn fat was to use the Turbulence Training programs. He also made changes to his nutrition and he no longer craves junk food, but instead craves fruit and raw nuts. These are two of the healthiest foods you can eat for fat loss.

Of course, Jason was very happy to learn he didn’t need to do long, slow boring cardio workouts, or even long weight training sessions. He gets his Turbulence Training workouts done anywhere, anytime, without equipment. He even did his fat burning TT workouts while camping!

The one final secret Jason used to burn fat was the TT member’s forum, where he used the social support of others to stick to his goals. Getting encouragement from other folks all over the world helped him stay on track on tough days.

Heck, now Jason even gets “accused” of being a personal trainer because of the great shape he is in. And his friends and family are asking him for tips on how to improve their health and fitness.

Jason has shown you the best way burn fat. Hopefully he will inspire you to lose your belly fat and get healthy with Turbulence Training.

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