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Do you want to know what will burn fat faster than regular cardio? Well, you'll be shocked to find out it isn't longer workouts. In fact, you can workout less and lose more belly fat.

Early in the 1990's, a group of Canadian researchers had a hunch that doing a special type of short, burst exercise called interval training would be just as effective - if not more effective - for helping fat loss.

And they were right! In their study, one group did interval training and another group did steady state aerobic cardio exercise. At the end of the study, the interval training group lost more fat even though they did less exercise than the steady state cardio group.

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This was the first strike in the battle to burn fat faster with shorter workouts. Cardio was on the way down and out. After all, cardio is boring, takes a long time, and no one likes to do it (another three strikes against it right there).

But interval was fast, went by without you noticing the time, and gave you great results in a short amount of time and only needed a few sessions per week. Turbulence Training only has you do three short interval training sessions of 15-20 minutes, which is much better than doing long, slow cardio for 45 minutes per workout.

The second strike against cardio comes from my personal experience. In working with thousands of clients (offline and on the Internet), I've found over 93% of men and women get better results with interval training than long cardio.

In fact, folks who get the best results are the ones who are doing long cardio now and getting no results. When I convince them that they don't need to do so much cardio and get them to switch to intervals, it's like magic for the next few days.

They feel so much better, spend less time exercising, and notice a difference in their bodies in just a few days. I remember one client who called me back after 2 days and swore that he was fitting into smaller pants after just the first workout.

I've been using interval training with clients for over a decade now and Turbulence Training has helped millions of people worldwide thanks to it being featured in Maxim, Men's Health, Women's Health, and Prevention magazines.

But it wasn't until late 2007 that we finally got the third strike against long, slow cardio, and this came from research done in Australia at the University of New South Wales. Scientists compared long, slow cardio (40 minutes, three times per week) against interval training (20 minutes, three times per week).

After just 3 months, the scientists found that not only did the long cardio not help burn fat faster (it didn't help subjects lose any belly fat at all!), but they also discovered that interval training was more effective in half the time.

Only the interval training group lost belly fat, thanks to their short, burst workouts. And so that proves it, showing us that to burn fat fast we need to use interval training, not long, slow cardio. That's why interval training is a huge part of Turbulence Training!

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