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Q: Nutrition is so confusing! What are the best foods that burn fat?


No food really "burns fat", but here are the top nutrition tips that should be used in conjunction with Turbulence Training.

  • Eat healthy, high-fiber and low-sugar whole foods such as lean protein (lean beef, chicken, & fish), vegetables (broccoli, peppers, and greens), fruit (oranges, apples, strawberries, & blueberries), nuts (almonds, cashews, and walnuts), and whole grains (oatmeal and multi-grain bread).
  • I've personally found that eating 3 moderate meals & 3 snacks each day rather than 2-3 large meals keeps me satisfied. A well-planned schedule will help achieve this goal.
  • Eat fiber-containing foods at all meals, in place of processed carbohydrates.
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Q: Why do you recommend this eating plan to burn fat?

  • Recent research** has shown that, a healthy diet "was characterized by high intakes of green, leafy vegetables; salad dressings; tomatoes; other vegetables (eg, peppers, green beans, corn, and peas); cruciferous vegetables; and tea."

**Kerver, J., et al. Dietary patterns associated with risk factors for cardiovascular disease in healthy US adults. Amer. J. Clin. Nutr. 78: 1103-1110, 2003.

  • Recent research* has shown that subjects lost more fat mass and had a greater reduction in their systolic blood pressure when they substituted almonds for complex carbohydrates in their diet.

*Wien, M., et al. Almonds vs complex carbohydrates in a weight reduction program. Int. J. Obes. 27: 1365-1372, 2003.

I recommended two nutrition programs for advanced fat loss:

Q: What is my metabolism?


This refers to how many calories you burn each day. You can temporarily increase your metabolism with exercise. If you increase your metabolism, you will burn more calories and lose more fat. This will help you lose fat and keep it off.

Q: Should I starve myself today because I ate a lot last night?


No! Never skip a meal simply because you ate too many calories the day before. It is important for you to eat consistently. Just remember the overall goal is to eat and exercise consistently.

Q: What should I do if I am going to a party?


At dinner or at the party, avoid the foods you are trying to avoid at all times, including any processed, high-sugar, high-fat foods. Concentrate on the social aspects of the party, not eating.

Q: I have junk food sitting around and I pig out on it all the time. What do I do?


One of the first things you should do when you start the program is to clean out your cupboards and get rid of the junk. Keep the junk food out of sight and out of mind. Don't leave anything to temptation.

Q: Should I weigh myself everyday?


Weigh yourself regularly, but not everyday. Pick a time each week to perform the weigh-in and weigh-in under similar circumstances each week.

Q: What should I eat before/after working out?


This depends on the time of day you exercise and how the food fits into your daily calorie intake. The most important consideration for pre-exercise food is, "Do you have enough energy to perform your workout at the appropriate intensity level?" This will depend on when you had your last meal.

If you regularly wake up and immediately workout without eating, I'm not against you continuing to do so, but please be careful, as it is possible to experience low blood sugar and even dizziness if you do this.

Dr. Chris Mohr recommends a small amount of protein and carbohydrate before all morning workouts. For post-workout intake, it depends on when you will eat your next meal. Most importantly, just make sure to plan all meals so that you eat according to your calorie goals for the day.

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