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Did you know that old-school circuit training is 10x's better than old-school cardio for building a lean body in less workout time? Don't make the mistake of ignoring circuit training because it can change your body fast.

Chances are that somewhere in high school or even grade school gym class you were taught how to do some type of circuit training. But then when you joined your first gym, you were sold on the fancy cardio machines as being the best way to burn belly fat.

But fast forward a few years and though a lot of frustration and it turns out those cardio machines just haven't worked that well for fat loss. So maybe you should give circuit training a try again.

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In fact, if you try the Turbulence Training "Big 5" style of circuit training plus interval training, I guarantee that you'll lose belly fat faster than any cardio program has ever worked for you in the past.

Here's how your circuit training program should look. (And by the way, it doesn't need fancy, expensive equipment. Instead, you can do these workouts with bodyweight exercises only.)

The first exercise in the Big 5 circuit is a squat movement. Then you'll move immediately into a pushing exercise, a pulling exercise, a single leg exercise, and finally a totally body exercise. Then throw in one interval and start again!

That's the general template, and if you're a professional trainer, you could easily come up with dozens of variations on that circuit, or you could use the Turbulence Training Done-For-You Bootcamp workouts because these are loaded with proven version of the circuit training program that I've used with clients to lose body fat.

Here's a sample Big 5 fat burning circuit training routine. Start with a prisoner squat with your hands clasped behind your head. This is an effective exercise for working your upper back and posture at the same time as exercising your legs.

Second, move to a close-grip pushup. Your hands will be spaced shoulder-width apart and I want you to keep your elbows tucked into your sides at all times to put more muscular stress on your triceps and deltoids (shoulder muscles).

Big 5

The third exercise is a pulling movement, and this can be a chin-up, pull-up, inverted bodyweight row (overhand or underhand), or even a band row if you are using elastic bands.

If you don't have access to any of this equipment, you could use a dumbbell row or kettlebell row. And if none of that is available, you could do the WYLIT upper back exercise series or stick-ups.

The fourth movement is a single leg exercise. For this sample workout, use a split squat. If you are more advanced, use a Bulgarian split squat, and if you are a beginner, you could use a 1-leg hip extension done lying on the ground.

The fifth and final exercise is a total body ab exercise, and you'll use the mountain climber exercise for this. It can be tough for every fitness level. Keep your abs braced at all times.

For each exercise, do 10-15 repetitions. Rest as little as possible between sets and go through the circuit as quickly as possible. Use perfect form for all exercises. At the end of each circuit do 1 minute of running, biking, rope jumping, jumping jacks, or any interval type activity.

Mountain Climber Finish

Rest one minute and repeat the circuit as many times as you can in 20-30 minutes. If you are a beginner, do only one circuit in your first workout and take as much rest time as you need between exercises.

That's how you burn fat with circuit training programs!

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