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Welcome to the BEST Turbulence Training promotional emails. Each of the following articles is rich and content and has been proven to convert into sales.

By educating the reader about Turbulence Training, interval training, bodyweight exercises, and resistance workouts, we’ll show them the superior value of Turbulence Training compared to traditional fat loss workouts (that don’t work).

Please use every single one of these articles in your emails and on your websites. I recommend sending out one article on Sunday or Monday and a second article on Wednesday or Thursday of each week. No matter what you choose to do, please make sure you mail out early in the week.

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To your success,

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Best Turbulence Training Emails

1.     Best Exercises for Fat Loss
2.     Fat Loss Workout Q’n’A
3.     Top 5 Fat Loss Myths
4.     Cut Your Workout Time
5.     8 Metabolism Boosters for Fat Loss
6.     7 Top Weight Loss Mistakes
7.     Do you let these fat loss LIES stop you?
8.     Evolution of Fat Loss Cardio
9.     Did you know THIS about fat burning?
10.  Politically Incorrect Fat Loss
11.  Uh-oh, 5 Fat Loss Mistakes
12.  7-Day Detox for Fat Loss
13.  Will you be HERE in 4 weeks?
14.  Women’s Workout for Weight Loss
15.  20-Minute Fat Loss Workout
16.  Quick Nutrition Tip & Workout Solution
17.  5 Ways to Cut Your Workout Time
18.  80-20 Fat Loss Rule
19.  Machines vs Bodyweight for Fat Loss
20.  Top 5 Fat Burners
21.  Cardio vs Intervals for Weight Loss
22.  10-Minute Workouts
23.  YES, You CAN Gain Muscle AND Lose Fat at the Same Time
24.  3 Best Bodyweight Exercises for At Home Workouts
25.  What is Turbulence Training?
26.  Is Turbulence Training for You?
27.  Fat Loss Diet Secret
28.  How to Burn Belly Fat
29.  Fat Loss is 80% Nutrition or 100% Training?
30.  Cardio is a Waste of Time for Fat Loss
31.  Which Workout Should I Use?
32.  Typical Turbulence Training Workout
33.  This is Your Belly Fat Speaking…
34.  5 Ways to Do Fat Burning Interval Training
35.  This Cardio Machine Sucks
36.  3 Ways to Lose Stomach Fat
37.  Advanced tips to lose inches from your waist
38.  Drop 30 Pounds in 8 Weeks?
39.  Cardio is a Joke
40.  Are You Sick of THIS?
41.  How to Lose Stomach Fat & Get 6-Pack Abs
42.  Why Cardio Doesn’t Work
43.  Tried the Total Body 10 Workout?
44.  3 Fat Loss Mistakes




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