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Title: Typical Turbulence Training Workout

How do you do Turbulence Training?

So many people want to know that I've put together this article
containing all the details about a typical Turbulence Training

My Turbulence Training system can be adapted for any goal and any
experience level.

We use a bodyweight circuit to warm-up, rather than a slow, boring
5- minute walk on the treadmill. The bodyweight circuit prepares
the entire body for exercise, whereas the treadmill walk obviously
neglects the upper body.

In the bodyweight warm-up, we always trying to incorporate as much
of the body as possible into each exercise. So for example, we
would do a circuit of bodyweight prisoner squats (to include the
upper back muscles), some type of pushing movement (pushups -
modified to the trainee's level of difficulty), and some type of
pulling movement (focusing on shoulder blade retraction).

The ultimate warm-up I use with clients is:

Close-grip Pushup
Inverted Bodyweight Row

8-12 reps of each, 2 times through the circuit. And away we go...

Next, it is onto the strength training, using the Turbulence
Training principle of picking the most efficient and effective

These exercises are paired in non-competing supersets. A
superset is two exercises done back to back without rest. A
"NON-competing" superset uses two exercises that don't work the
same muscle groups.

So in traditional bodybuilding supersets, you might do two chest
exercises. However, in the Turbulence Training supersets we would
use a pushing exercise (such as pushups or dumbbell chest presses)
and a pulling exercise (such as bodyweight rows or dumbbell rows).

By using non-competing supersets, we allow one muscle group to work
and one muscle group to recover. This increases the total amount of
work done in the workout - also known as increasing exercise
"density". Experts believe increasing exercise density helps burn
more calories and helps you lose fat faster.

I prefer to stick with a lower repetition range than that normally
found in traditional bodybuilding programs. Therefore, I find it
very easy to make a client stronger. All you need to do is stick to
the basics. Metabolic conditioning and/or fat loss intervals will
follow the strength training.

I take a big picture approach to training. Pick exercises and
techniques that are efficient and effective. That way, people will
get in and out of the gym in as little time as possible. Therefore,
they can spend more time training their sport skill or more time
enjoying their life. You don't have to live in the gym to get great
results. You just need a great program.

For all exercises in the entire workout, we are training the abs -
so every exercise is a "core exercise" - since we brace the abs and
activate all of the core muscles while doing all exercises in the
entire workout. When I say "brace the abs", I mean tighten them up
as if you were preparing to get punched in the stomach.

Here's a sample Turbulence Training set-up:

Bodyweight Warm-up

Strength Training Superset #1
1A) Lower body, such as dumbbell split squats
1B) Upper body pushing exercise, such as dumbbell chest presses

Do 8 repetitions per set. Do not rest between 1A and 1B. Rest 1
minute after 1B before repeating the superset two more times for a
total of 3 supersets.

(I hope that clears up all questions on supersets!)

Strength Training Superset #2
2A) Lower body, such as Stability Ball Hamstring Curls
2B) Upper body pulling exercise, such as dumbbell rows or pullups

Do 12 repetitions per set. Do not rest between 2A and 2B. Rest 1
minute after 2B before repeating the superset two more times for a
total of 3 supersets.

Finish with 20 minutes of interval training for a complete fat
burning workout in less than 45 minutes. We will complete the
session with stretching for the tight muscles only.

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Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
Author, Turbulence Training

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Christine Johnston, Little Rock, AK

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