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Title: 3 Fat Loss Mistakes

Still skeptical of Turbulence Training?

Well, I promise you it won't be another one of the many fat loss
mistakes that so many of us have made.

In fact, I'm going to list 5 big ones below...but first, the story
of what happened to one guy when he trusted Turbulence Training...

"Hi Craig, I just wanted to thank you for the excellent program that
you designed. Honestly if I didn’t find Turbulence Training I don’t
think I would be where I am right now. I am four pounds away from
having lost 100lbs (in 9 months). Thanks to your programs and the
TT forum. Everyone there is great and so motivational. Again I just
wanted to say thank you."
Juan Ruiz

Getting started on Turbulence Training is never a mistake...but here
are 3 of the biggest mistakes you might be making in your own
program - STOPPING you from getting the results you deserve...fix
these, and you'll lose fat.

MISTAKE #1 - Not having Social Support.

Trying to lose fat without social support is the wrong way to go
about this.

Ideally, you'd have your doctor, an RD, a trainer, your workout
partner, your spouse, your workmates, and your friends all behind

Research shows that you'll benefit most from a health professional
(i.e. a trainer) and a workout partner that is also successful. Get
those two people on your team first, and then work on building the
rest of your support group.

MISTAKE #2 - Not using a structured program

If you ever go into the gym and wonder what you are going to do
first, you're already wasting your time - even before you choose.

Get a plan, know what you have to do, stick to it, and see it
through. That way, no wasted time wandering around the gym deciding
where to start.

MISTAKE #3 - Not changing your workout after 4 weeks.

That's the longest you should go on one program.

If your workout hasn't changed in 6 months, and worse, you haven't
gotten any results in months, why do you think it's magically going
to start working now?

Change your workout up frequently (The Turbulence Training for Fat
Loss workouts change every 2-4 weeks).

Click here to get started...

==> http://www.turbulencetraining.com

Try and you'll like it, I promise!

You'll get more results and you'll have more fun,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
Author, Turbulence Training

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