How To Optimize Your Blog Post  
Aside from having your keyword in your blog title, there are 6 other really simple “on-page” SEO tips that you can start doing immediately to rank your blog posts faster and more effectively in the Google search engine.

1.    Keyword In H1 (Heading 1) Tag

The H1 tag acts as a subheading. So to create a H1 tag in your blog post, first ensure that you’ve used your keyword in the heading. Then to convert the title to anH1 tag, highlight it, and then select ‘Heading 1’ from the ‘Format’ drop down menu.

NOTE: if the blog theme you are using doesn’t have the Heading options, just click on the HTML tab and enter the following code:

  • <h1>3 Diet Tips for Avoiding Candy</h1>

2.    Keyword In H2 Tag

Create another keyword subhead that’s relevant to the content that follows, but this time select the ‘Heading 2’ tag.

3.    Keyword In H3 Tag

Repeat, but with the ‘Heading 3’ tag.

4.    Keyword As “Alternate Text” In Image

Make sure to use an image in your blog post. And when you’re uploading do two things; i) change the file name to include your keyword and ii) put the keyword into the ‘Alternate Tag’ field.

5.    Keyword In “First” And “Last” Sentence Of Blog Post

6.    Ensuring 1%+ Keyword Density

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