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Title: Fat Loss Diet Secret

I'm not a "low-carb guy" by any means, but I have found something
that works wonders for fat loss. And it does involve cutting back on

I recently experimented by substituting more fruits and vegetables for any
whole-grains in my diet, and I was as lean as I've been in years
with this approach. So if you're trying to lose fat and look better
than ever this summer, try this approach.

Here are some easy changes to make.

a) Instead of having toast for breakfast, have an apple.

b) Usually have a side of rice at lunch? Have 1 cup of broccoli.

c) Typically have a bowl of cereal at night? Have an orange and an
ounce of pecans (or walnuts or almonds), instead.

Think I'm out to lunch?

Check this study ...

(For science nerds like me, here's the reference: Amer. J. Clin.
Nutr. 85: 1465-1477, 2007.)

Woman on a low-fat diet that ate more fruits and vegetables lost
more fat than another group of woman on only the low-fat diet.

After 1-year, the low-fat, fruits and vegetables group (LF-FV) lost
more weight than another group of woman on the low-fat (LF) diet


The LF-FV group reported being less hungry, thanks to being able to
eat more food than the LF group.

So you'll eat fewer calories if you are filling up on fruits and
vegetables, while keeping un-necessary fat out of the diet.

And isn't the summer a great time to implement this program? With
watermelon, berries, apples, and cherries all in great abundance,
you can satisfy your sweet tooth naturally, while burning fat with
the Turbulence Training fat loss workouts at home.

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Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
Author, Turbulence Training

PS - Lose 4 inches in 2 weeks with Turbulence Training...

"With Turbulence Training, I could definitely feel the improvement
in my energy level. And I didn't realize the improvement in my body
composition until I had to go dress shopping. The salesperson
actually had to grab me the smaller sizes off the mannequin in the
window display! The highlight of the wedding for me was the look of
shock on a friend's face after he poked my tummy and said, 'Wow,
someone's been working out!' Thanks, Craig for the great program
and for your continued support."
JJ Hodgson, Saskatoon, SK

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"I have been a personal trainer for four years and I enlisted my
buddy to join me in Turbulence Training. Frank had never worked out
in his life! He weighed in at 280 lbs. After two weeks, that's
right two weeks, he calls me from the mall to inform me he just
purchased a new pair of jeans size 38. I replied, "So what?" Frank
said "I've been a 42 since high school....I lost 4 inches in two
weeks". After four weeks he lost 17 lbs. and started to notice
muscle gain (even his wife noticed the muscle growth)."
Al Aiello

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