YouTube Video Strategy  
The ease with which you can get your videos ranked in Google, combined with the simple fact that more and more people prefer watching over reading these days, means you should definitely be taking advantage of YouTube as a traffic driving strategy.

So let me take you through your YouTube video strategy, including:

a.    Setting up your YouTube account and channel

b.    Uploading videos and SEO tactics

c.     How to outrank your competitors’ videos

Setting Up Your YouTube Account and Channel

1.    Go to and click on the “Create an Account” button.

2.    Fill in the fields found in the form

  • Tip:
    • When choosing your account name, ideally you want it to be the keyword term that you are targeting with your site

3.    Link your email account to YouTube account

4.    YouTube gives you a high PR 6 backlink

5.    Go to Profile in the left sidebar and click on ‘Edit’

6.    Now input all the information you want to include

  • Tip:
    • Under the ‘Website’ field, enter your website link, affiliate link, or whatever site you want to drive traffic to
      • This will give your site a really great back link
    • In the ‘About’ and/or ‘Interests’ categories, you may want to include some of your keywords which can potentially help your channel show  in the YouTube search

7.    Click Save

Uploading Videos and SEO Tactics

Now we’ll upload the video and then show you what to do with it once it’s up. These little tips can make the difference between your video been found and potentially watched again and again vs. sitting in obscurity.

1.    Click on the ‘Upload’ link at top of page

2.    Select a video from your computer

3.    Under ‘Video Information and Privacy Settings’ you want to do the following:

  • Title of video
    • What are the keywords/phrases you want this video to be found for
      • Use a combination of the keywords and/or intrigue
      • Remember, closer the keyword is to start of title, the better
      • Fewer words in title, the more focused it is on that term
      • Example:
        • Biceps Curl – USELESS?
  • Description
  • Put whichever URL link you want to send traffic to first
    • This will be visible to the visitor
  • OR, put your keyword phrase first if it’s short enough to still allow your URL to be visible
  • Next, write an intriguing description that is keyword focused sentence/question
  • Focus on keyword density


  • Want your videos to come up whenever anyone is searching for anything related to your video, so make sure you use your keywords here
  • Also, the more tags you use, the more searches you’ll show up for within YouTube
    • So if some of the ‘Suggestions’ are applicable, add them


  • Normally will choose ‘How to & Style’


  • Select ‘Public’ so people can see it

How to Outrank Competitors’ Videos

1.    In Google search, click on the competing video

2.    Copy the URL of video

3.    Go to Yahoo Site Explorer


4.    Input the video URL into the ‘Explore URL’ bar at top

  • This will reveal how many incoming links the video has

5.    Once you know the video link count, you will then know how many more links you need to have coming into your keyword focused video to outrank them

How to Use My Videos on Your Channel and Blog

If you don’t enjoy making videos yourself, or if you’d just like to use some of the hundreds of videos I currently have up on YouTube to put on your own blog or channel, then this is a great tactic. Of course, you can use my videos so long as it’s in a helpful manner to your visitors. 

1.    In the YouTube search bar type in my channel name, cbathletics

o      This will then populate a list of all my videos

2.    To verify each of the videos are mine, make sure they say ‘by cbathletics’

3.    Click on video you want to use

4.    Copy the video URL

5.    Open a new window

6.    Go to

7.    Go to ‘download videos’ tab on

8.    Step 1 on download videos tab

  • Paste the YouTube video URL

9.    Step 2

  • Choose format to convert to
    • Suggest mp4

10. Step 3

  • Enter the email address you want the converted video sent to

11. Step 4

  • Convert video

12. Once you have received the email with the download link, download to your desktop

13. Next, go to YouTube and go through the video uploading process

  • Feel free to change the title tag, descriptions etc.
    • You don’t simply want to duplicate everything I’ve done

14. After video is all set up on YouTube, take the video embed code and then put it into your blog post, using the HTML editor

  • Tip
  • When you use my videos in your post, make sure before and after the video you use a link in big, bold letters that takes them to your affiliate link
  • Otherwise, they will go to and you won’t get the commission

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