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Title: What is Turbulence Training?

What is Turbulence Training?

Turbulence training is my method of doing strength training
and interval training in one workout. So that you get in and out of
the gym whether it's your home gym or whether it's a commercial
gym. You get your workout done in 45 minutes.

We start with a 5-minute bodyweight warm up and then we do strength
training for 20 minutes, whether it's bodyweight training or
dumbbells. Sometimes we use barbells but most people that I work
with train at home so we just use dumbbells and bodyweight
exercises - no fancy equipment needed.

Then we finish with 20 minutes of interval training. We are using
the most efficient and effective training methods. The stuff that
gets you the most results in the least amount of time. So we are
not doing long, slow cardio sessions and we're not doing 5 or 6 day
per week bodybuilding training programs.

It's like the old business principle - 80% of your results come
from 20% of your efforts - so why do endless amounts of cardio and
redundant strength training exercises?

Do only what you need to do and then get out of the gym.

Turbulence Training was designed because you asked for fast
fat-burning, muscle-building workouts that could be done at home.

Turbulence Training is...
"The single most effective fat loss training system in the world
today. I've used it. I've studied it. It works faster and more
effectively than any other method."
Alwyn Cosgrove, CSCS, Men's Health Training Adviser.

By avoiding the hassles of commercial gyms (i.e. pushy sales
people, smelly patrons, disgusting locker rooms, crowded parking
lots, and out-of-the-way drives), you can save time and your
hard-earned pay by working out in the comfort of your own home.

"I am actually getting twice the results in half the time. I no
longer feel bound to the gym struggling for the smallest result. On
top of that I can't praise your customer service highly enough, you
have been amazing! For the price I paid, I have received so much
more than I anticipated. Many thanks and all the best."
Heidi Sinclair

Get your very own copy of Turbulence Training & the Nutrition Guide here:

=> http://www.turbulencetraining.com/

Thanks for all of your questions this week. Here are the answers to
the most popular questions about Turbulence Training...

Q: Will you PLEASE tell me if I can gain muscle and lose fat at the
same time. My trainer says you can do it, but all the other people
at my gym say it's IMPOSSIBLE! Help!

I agree with your trainer. It IS possible. With the right program,
great nutrition, and a positive attitude, you can achieve
incredible changes.

With the right exercise and nutrition program you can maximize the
benefits of your hormones to gain muscle and lose fat, all at the
same time.

This answer could be the subject of a whole book, and maybe some
day it will...but for now, just at leave it at this: I've designed
the Turbulence Training workouts and nutrition plan to get the most
mileage from your hormones when it comes to getting lean and
burning calories.

Stick with your trainer or Turbulence Training, and show all the
un-believers just how possible it is!

Q: I'm suffering through a major fat loss plateau right now. Will
Turbulence Training help?

Some of the major reasons for fat loss plateaus include:

- Using the same workouts over and over and over again for extended
periods of time.

- Not including enough high-intensity strength training and
interval training.

- And choosing inefficient isolation, machine-based exercises
instead of standing, multi-muscle exercises.

The best fat loss workouts are designed with variety, intensity,
and efficiency in mind so that you get more results in less time.

That's why the Turbulence Training workouts change every 4 weeks,
and you'll use only exercises that train multiple muscle groups at
the same time - thus burning more fat with each repetition.

By changing the training intensity of your workouts, as well as
using a variety of repetition ranges for your lifting, and
including interval training, I guarantee that you will leave your
fat loss plateaus in the dust.

"In only 27 days, I have really noticed positive changes in my
body. I am fitting into size 32 jeans, not since high school have I
done this. I can tell that I am changing my body composition just
by looking in the mirror, I am more vascular, leaner. I feel
great and as each day goes by I look forward to the next challenge,
the next workout. I owe this to the TT training, its awesome and
I would recommend this to any person who wants to make positive
transformations to their body. Thanks for everything."
Brad MacMillan

That's it for now. If you have any other questions that I didn't
answer in this FAQ, then please contact me through my website at:


Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
Author, Turbulence Training

PS. Remember, there's no risk at all to at least TRY my Turbulence
Training system because you have an 8 week guarantee.

That's more than enough time to take these programs for a "test
drive" and see for yourself just how much fat you can burn or how
much lean muscle you can gain.

Don't let summer pass you by...start burning fat today!

==> http://www.turbulencetraining.com/

"At the end of week one, I lost 3.5 pounds and I was feeling great.
Yesterday was the end of week two and I lost 3 more pounds! Six and
a half pounds in two weeks and I feel outstanding. Not the least
bit tired or weak. I've never been so enthusiastic about each
workout. I didn't bother to take a 'before' photo, but I may still
do that. I would have touched base with you sooner, but with work,
school, training, etc., I'm always pressed for time. And of course,
that's what makes Turbulence Training such a convenient program."
Chuck Fager

"This program is awesome, not easy, you have to work hard, be
focused and the results will come. I’m close to 50 and seeing very
positive changes."
Mike Wharton

"I'm in the last week of my first month on the program and I'm
loving it. The workouts are quick, but always leave me feeling like
I've made progress. My energy level is much higher on days that I
work out and I even stick to my diet better. Thanks so much."
Taylor Martin

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