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The most important thing a guy can do to lose weight at the same time as building muscle is to get on the right weight loss, muscle building diet. And yes, men and women can lose weight and build muscle at the same time. There is more to the equation than simply calories in and calories out. More on that in a moment.

First, let's focus on losing the weight around your stomach, or burning the belly fat as we like to say. I always recommend that you find a diet that suits your personality, and generally I find most people who get results fall into one of two dieting categories to lose weight.

The first dieting category is the classic six meals per day approach, and this is the most common diet program used by men and women who want to gain muscle and lose weight at the same time. It requires the most planning, the most discipline, and the most time. But the muscle building, fat burning results are amazing. It's hard to beat for effectiveness. To help you lose even more weight on this diet program, I recommend you eliminate all processed carbohydrate foods from a bag or a box, as these foods won't let you lose weight easily.

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The second more unconventional, yet still effective for those who want to lose weight and even gain muscle is called the Intermittent Fasting approach. This diet is for folks who are far too busy to eat 3, let alone 6 meals per day. On this diet, you simply take 7 days worth of dieting and eat all the meals over 5 or 6 days to gain muscle. On the other one or two days, you perform what is called fasting to lose weight. Essentially, you just don't eat for 24 hours, but you drink water, Green Tea, or coffee. I know it sounds radical, but folks love it, especially those who are too busy to eat or prepare and clean up 6 meals to lose weight.

Once you have your diet in place and suiting your personality, you are ready to choose the right exercise program to help you gain muscle and lose weight. Despite what you might think, you don't need to do hours of cardio to lose weight or lift weights 6 days per week to gain muscle. Instead, you'll focus on doing 3 total-body resistance training sessions to gain muscle, and 3 interval training workouts to lose weight. This approach is based on the latest research that shows not only does interval training work best to help people lose weight, but also that long, slow boring cardio doesn't do much for weight loss or burning belly fat.

Yes, it is a completely radical shift in the mindset of people who want to gain muscle and lose weight, but most are convinced shortly after giving it a try. After all, the old cardio and bodybuilding approach doesn't work for most people to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time anyways.

The new intervals to lose weight plus total-body resistance training programs to gain muscle approach is based on two studies that were published around the start of 2007. In one study from Australia, women lose more belly fat with a 20-minute interval training program than they did with a 40-minute cardio program. In the other study, men and women over the age of 60 gained muscle and lost weight at the same time using a simple total body weight training circuit.

You don't need to spend days in the gym to lose weight and gain muscle, you just have to choose the right diet for your personality and use the latest, research-proven training methods to gain muscle and lose weight.

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