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Do NOT do slow, boring cardio if you want to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. Itís a waste of your time and youíll build more muscle and burn more fat by using the Turbulence Training system of resistance training supersets and interval training.

You should also avoid old-school bodybuilding routines that have you lifting weights 6 times per week. Those programs Ė like the ones used by Arnold Schwareneggar Ė will ruin your shoulder joint and are only for hardcore bodybuilders that use steroids. Youíre better off with supersets and interval training 3-4 times per week.

You also need to pick your focus. Do you need to lose fat or gain muscle? Which one is your priority? If you are too skinny, you should do a 4 day per week upper-body and lower-body workout split with only 2 interval training sessions per week.

However, if you need to lose fat more than gain muscle, you need to do 3 total body resistance training workouts and 3-4 interval training workouts per week.

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Most guys think they need to focus on fat loss when they really should be gaining muscle. A classic example is the guy who is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 155 pounds and is about 15% body fat. This is the classic skinny fat guy who wants to lose fat gain muscle.

However, in most cases, these guys are always thinking about doing lots of cardio in order to lose fat. But that is the worst thing they could do, because they donít have enough muscle mass to support a fat loss program.

What happens is the poor guy starts burning a lot of calories, starving himself, and ends up a smaller version of his skinny fat body. Itís a vicious cycle, and too many guys get trapped in it with no results and then they just give up.

The better approach is to focus on gaining muscle and doing resistance training supersets and limiting the interval training. You should also focus on eating a little extra carbohydrate and protein prior to the workout and immediately after. These are two simple little meals that can make a big difference.

Your workout to lose fat gain muscle should start with a bodyweight circuit warm-up. This is much better than a treadmill warm-up, and takes even less time. Three to five bodyweight exercises done in a circuit is best, repeated twice.

Follow that with strength training supersets. Youíll do upper body on one day and lower body the next day. Then take a day of rest, do another (different) upper body workout and another (different) lower body workout. Then rest on the weekend. That is the best schedule for gaining muscle without overuse injury.

The Turbulence Training for Muscle and TT Meathead workouts use supersets to help you get more results in less time. You donít need to be in the gym 6 days per week to gain muscle and lose fat. You only need to lift weights 4 days per week for 45 minutes. If you need to focus on fat burning, just do 3 total body workouts Ė using supersets and bodyweight exercises Ė with interval training to lose fat and gain muscle.

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