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3 Minute Stability Ball Ab Workout

In as little as 3 minutes, you can work your abs, firm your tummy, and start to flatten your stomach with just 3 stability ball exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

These exercises are fun, fast, and effective. These ab exercises aren't for beginners, but if you have been training your abs for at least three months, you can do these Stability Ball ab workout exercises almost anywhere, anytime. Add short, burst total-body resistance training exercises and interval training to your ab workout, and you'll burn belly fat, get a flat stomach, and 6-pack abs faster than ever.

I want you to do each of these 3 Stability Ball ab exercises in a circuit without rest between exercises. Each exercise will take about one minute to set up and complete for a total of 3 minutes to complete the circuit. If you have more time, you can do the circuit one or two more times, but in your first workout, I recommend just doing each exercise once. If your abs are really sore, do only one circuit in your next workout as well.

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The first exercise in the Stability Ball ab workout is the most difficult, and it is called the Stability Ball Rollout. It will cause the most soreness in your abs in the days after the workout because of the stretch placed on your abdominals during the first phase of the exercise.

Begin the Stability Ball Rollout by kneeling on a mat. Clasp your hands and place them on the top of a medium sized Stability Ball in front of you. Brace your abs as if someone was going to punch you in the stomach, and slowly lean forward and roll your hands over the ball while rolling the Stability Ball away from your body. Your body will extend forward, and your abs will feel a stretch in this movement.

Go slowly because it is a difficult position to maintain. Keep your body in a straight line and roll out as far as you can with perfect form. Stop the exercise at any time if you feel uncomfortable. At the end of the rollout, contract your abs and reverse the rollout motion to roll-in and return to the upright position.

I'll tell you one more time to go slowly in this exercise, because it is the most difficult of the three exercises in the circuit. Roll out slowly and under control, and reverse the motion with great strength. You'll love this exercise once you get the hang of it. If you are new to this exercise, do only 5 reps. If you have mastered the technique, you can do up to 12 reps per set, but always take a full 3 seconds to do the rollout phase in each repetition.

The second exercise in your Stability Ball ab workout is going to be a challenge as well, for both your abdominal muscles and your balance. This ab exercise is called the Stability Ball Jackknife. You can do it with a bench or without. I prefer the variation where you rest your elbows on a bench, but you can also place your hands on the floor, just like you do when you do pushups.

So you start this ab exercise by putting your forearms on a regular weight bench (or your hands on the floor in a regular pushup position) and then you place your feet on the ball (shoelaces and shins on top of the ball). At this point, you'll be extended straight out in a Plank position, and of course, your abs must be braced at this time and for the entire exercise.

With your arms straight and your back flat, your body should form a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles. Keeping your back straight (don't round it), bring your knees to your chest and roll the ball as close to the bench as possible by contracting your abs and pulling your knees forward. Pause and then return the ball to the starting position by rolling it backward and straightening your legs. Do NOT round your lower back at any time in this exercise. To make it harder, hold the extended plank position for 2-5 seconds per repetition.

The final exercise in this Stability Ball ab workout is called the Stability Ball Plank or Plank with Arms on Stability Ball. Place your clasped hands on the top of a Stability Ball and extend your body in a straight line from shoulders to toes and keep your abs braced. Hold your abs braced in that position for 5 seconds (if you are a beginner) to 30 seconds (if you are advanced). This is a shockingly tough exercise to end the Stability Ball ab workout, particularly after doing the two other exercises.

Those are three Stability Ball ab workout exercises you can do at home or in the gym, or even outside in your backyard or in your office during breaktime. All it takes is 3 minutes to complete this ab workout and help you get closer to the 6-pack abs and flat stomach you've always wanted.

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