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There are lots of exercise myths that constantly frustrate people who want to lose belly fat and sculpt their abs. It is important to separate the facts from the myths so that you can choose effective workouts for your abs. Turbulence Training shows you how to burn fat and sculpt your muscles so that you can finally get the stomach that you have always wanted.

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Myth #1 - You have to do workouts for abs every day to get results.

This is absolutely untrue. In fact, many exercise specialists today have shown that it is important for you to take a day off in between your abdominal workouts. Your muscles need time to rest, recover, and grow stronger after intense workouts. Instead of forcing yourself to perform boring exercises every day, you can get better results by using interval training that encourages your body to burn fat and build muscle quickly by training three days a week instead of seven.

Myth #2 - The more repetitions you do, the better the results.

This is probably one of the most frustrating myths about abs workouts because it makes people do more work without getting the results that they expect. The truth is that doing hundreds of sit-ups or crunches is not the best way for you to drop weight and sculpt your abs. Turbulence Training uses interval training instead of long, boring sessions of tedious sit-ups.

Increasing the intensity of your workout gives you better results in less time. Think of it this way… Would you lift a small amount of weight 100 times if you were trying to increase your arm muscle size? Of course not. You would lift heavy weights in short sessions. You should apply the same strategy to your abs workouts.

Myth #3 - You need special equipment to get the most out of your abs workouts.

Lots of companies will try to sell you special equipment that is "guaranteed" to make your abs workouts more effective. Some of them might help you a little, but you do not actually need special equipment to get the abs you have always dreamed of. All you need is the proper approach to your abs workouts.

Most of the miracle machines advertised on television and web sites do not work anyway. Instead of spending lots of money on workout equipment that may or may not help you, it makes more sense to learn the proper methods that will improve your exercise technique so you can drop pounds and sculpt your abs intelligently.

Myth #4 - You must do cardio workouts in the "fat burning zone" to lose belly fat.

Lots of research actually shows that you can lose belly fat without spending lots of time working up to the "fat burning zone." The fat burning zone concept does not help you lose weight; it just helps you lose in your fight with weight loss techniques that do not work. Instead of forcing yourself to exercise for long periods of time, you can get better results with Turbulence Training's workouts for abs that use short bursts of exercise.

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