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Foods that burn fat donít exist. In fact, scam nutritionists have been telling folks that some foods even burn more calories than they contain! What a joke. More on that in a minute, but today youíll discover foods that help you lose fat.

So letís talk about this myth of so-called ďnegative calorie foodsĒ. As the myth goes, and it IS a complete myth, some so-called ďnutrition expertsĒ are telling folks that you can eat some foods that require more calories to digest than they contain. Youíll see foods like celery and broccoli on the list, as well as fruits like apples and bananas.

Obviously, you can tell this is a scam. Heck, donít tell gorillas that bananas are a negative calorie food! Itís wishful thinking at best, and while I certainly recommend bananas to help you lose fat, there are no negative calorie foods. These types of myths frustrate me, and frustrate you too, because you want to know about foods that burn fat.

I have more bad news to you about another scam, because supplements donít burn fat either. So buying diet pills will not help you, but you can structure your diet to eat foods that help you lose fat.

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You should focus on whole, natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts, along with fish, chicken, and beef. Lots of nutrition experts list those as foods that burn fat, but thatís not scientifically accurate. No food burns fat on its own.

Letís break those down and look at each ďfood for fat lossĒ in detail. First, fruits are your friend for fat loss. Some so-called nutrition experts say fruit makes you fat, but thatís a joke. Fruit does contain sugar, but also a lot of fiber. You get a lot of nutrients but not a lot of calories.

Vegetables are even more powerful. If you arenít eating at least 3 servings of green leafy vegetables everyday, you need to start taking baby steps to add these foods to your diet. Try a little broccoli or spinach or collard greens. These foods will help you lose fat.

Third, get more raw nuts in your diet. Research shows that nuts donít cause you to gain weight, because they help fill you up and prevent you from overeating. In fact, almonds might help you lose weigh. Again, nuts arenít foods that burn fat, but they will help you control your appetite.

I also recommend slightly increasing your protein intake. You can do that with vegetarian protein powders if you donít eat meat. Otherwise, itís simple to get all the protein you need from fish, chicken, beef, eggs, and a bit of dairy. These four food groups will help you lose fat, but it is your workouts that burn fat.

So letís take a look at the best fat burning workouts to help you lose inches, burn your belly fat, and shrink your waist. Surprisingly, the long slow cardio workouts that you are doing are not the best way to burn fat. Instead, you should focus on interval training workouts. These are shorter, but more effective.

While foods that burn fat donít really exist, the truth is you can lose fat with whole, natural foods and burn belly fat with short, interval training workouts. Those are the secrets to fat loss, not magical foods.

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