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2006 Turbulence Training
Monthly Workouts

Discover two of the most popular advanced TT workouts - TT Fusion Fat Loss and TT Hardcore Fat Loss. Plus, you'll find three programs dedicated to muscle and the unique TT for Athletes program and a program dedicated to female strength and helping women do their first chin-up.

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TT for a Busy Gym (aka “TT 2K6”)
January 2006, # 5

Finally, a fast fat loss workout that you can do in a busy gym. This workout was specifically designed to help you fight through the New Year's resolution crowds and still get a great workout done to help you reach your goals.

Turbulence Training Fusion Fat Loss
February 2006, # 6

This is one of the all-time most popular and effective Turbulence Training monthly workouts. This workout fuses together barbell, dumbbell, and bodyweight exercises to give maximum results in minimum time - and you'll have a blast doing this one as well!

TT Bodyweight Athlete Workout
March 2006, # 7

The Turbulence Training workout principles can also be applied to athletes. This programs uses bodyweight exercises to increase sport-specific strength, mobility, agility and fitness. You'll be a machine once you get through this 8-week program.

15 Pounds of Muscle in 8 Weeks Workout
April 2006, # 8

This 8-week proven program added 15 pounds of mass to a stage actor while also increasing his mobility for fight scenes. Even if you won't be sword fighting or swashbuckling anytime soon like this particular actor, inside 15 pounds of Muscle you'll follow the same principles by hitting the iron while mastering the bodyweight circuits in order to maximize your agility and mobility.

Turbulence Training Mass Fusion
May 2006, # 9

A mash-up of dumbbell, bodyweight, and barbell exercises to help you build massive amounts of muscle. This fusion program often alternates between barbell and dumbbell exercises to allow for workouts to be done quickly and with maximum efficiency. By using a strongman approach to training, this is a real man's muscle builder.

Turbulence Training Hardcore Fat Loss
June 2006, # 10

This isn't a do-it-when-you-feel-like-it type of program.  In TT Hardcore you will find workouts that are going to make you work hard for that summertime body.  So, if you're ready to work, then this program is ready to work for you.

Turbulence Training Bodyweight for Summer
July 2006, # 11

Imagine being able to work on carving a beautifully sculpted body all the while, enjoying the hot, sunny weather of the great outdoors.  Unless you live where it rains all the time, this 4-week bodyweight workout just made that a reality.

Turbulence Training for Women 8-Week Workout
August 2006, # 12

This updated TT for Women program contains two 4-week workouts and is based on the hundreds of workouts I coached female clients through in 2006. Just the right amount of free weights and just the right amount of bodyweight exercises combined with the perfect amount of interval cardio to help women shape their best body ever.

Turbulence Training For Muscle
September 2006, # 13

An updated version of the TT for Mass workouts, this 8-Week muscle building program is legendary.

Turbulence Training DB-BW Fusion Fat Loss 8-Week Workout Program
October 2006, # 14

The ultimate combination of dumbbell and bodyweight exercises to help you get your workouts done faster than ever. These incredible supersets will push your limits and boost your metabolism like never before.

Turbulence Training for Female Strength
November 2006, # 15

This program is designed for the female that wants to explore all that the gym has to offer and break free of the old and stale machine circuit routine. If you're looking to do your first chin-up, then this is the program to help you get there (contains two 4-week workouts).

TT 10-Minute Workouts
December 2006, # 16

This is the 10-minute fat loss solution for any man or woman that is stressed for time but needs to get in a workout and jack up their metabolism.

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