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2007 Turbulence Training
Monthly Workouts

2007 was the year the world discovered the TT Bodyweight 500 and the first Turbulence Training workouts that included Kettlebell exercises. Also in 2007, the TT Synergy Program, designed as the follow-up to the legendary 2006 TT Hardcore Fat Loss workout was released to the masses. Oh, and then there was this little thing called "The Original TT for Abs 4-Week Program" (featuring the workout affectionately known as "The Beast"). You'll love it!

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TT 2K7
January 2007, # 17

Tired of making New Year's resolutions that you never follow through on?  Well, this month offers the perfect fat-burning workout program that will produce results that'll make you want to keep pushing the limits and completely forget about giving up!

Turbulence Training Unilateral Fat Loss
February 2007, # 18

This 4-week fat loss program uses mostly unilateral exercises and almost all new exercises to the Turbulence Training library. It will help you lose fat and build lean muscle - and it's fun!

TT Perfect 10 Program
March 2007, # 19

Ten 10-Minute Workouts scheduled to give you maximum results in minimum time. No matter how life gets in your way, there is a workout in here to help you burn fat. From bodyweight circuits to DB supersets, you can do all of these workouts.

TT DB Mass at Home Workout
April 2007, # 20

Build muscle at home using only dumbbells and your bodyweight.

Turbulence Training Home Workout 300 Challenge
May 2007, # 21

An intense and advanced 4-week fat loss program using a variety of rep ranges to get more results in less time. Also includes a "300" TT workout to be done as a challenge at the end of the 4-week program.

Turbulence Training Synergy Fat Loss
June 2007, # 22

Using some of my favorite new techniques for fat loss and then combining them with powerful lifting, free weights, and bodyweight exercises, this program will take you beyond the Fusion program and on a journey that few dare to go…

Turbulence Training Advanced Bodyweight
July 2007, # 23

If you've been searching for a program that will really challenge you, then look no further than the hardest and most advanced bodyweight workout program I've ever put together. 

TT KB-DB-BW Fusion
August 2007, # 24

The name speaks for itself, but in this program you'll find a creative combination of exercises that push you to reach all new levels, while helping you to avoid the mental plateau we often experience with traditional boring workouts.

Turbulence Training For Abs 4-Week Program
September 2007, # 25

The first Turbulence Training workout dedicated to extra abdominal work...using the Turbulence Training principles of course. If you love working your abs, you'll love using this workout.

TT Bodyweight 500
October 2007, # 26

The ultimate fat loss challenge - a 4 week program that includes a new challenge every week - eventually building up to the legendary TT Bodyweight 500.

TT Gain Muscle Lose Fat
November 2007, # 27

The November TT workout of the month goes back to the basics and focuses on classic Turbulence Training supersets to help you build muscle and burn fat before (and DURING!) the holiday season.

TT 12-Minute Workouts
December 2007, # 28

Twelve different 12-minute workouts to help you burn fat and build a lean physique over the holiday season!

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