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TT Amazing Lower Abs
April 2008, # 32

Inside you will discover unique lower ab exercises along with belly fat burning intervals that work together to produce the toughest ab workouts I've ever put together.

Turbulence Training 6-Minute Abs Workout Program
Bonus 2008

You'll discover 7 different workouts for your abs that only take 6 minutes.

Turbulence Training For Abs 4-Week Program
September 2007, # 25

The first Turbulence Training workout dedicated to extra abdominal work...using the Turbulence Training principles of course. If you love working your abs, you'll love using this workout.

TT AAA Abs 4-Week Workout Program
April 2009

If you want abs of steel and a rock hard body, then you have come to the right place.  TT AAA Abs is loaded full of exercises that will leave your abs feeling the burn for days on end!

Beginner Total Torso Training 2K11
March 2011

Get a flat stomach and healthy low back with these quick workouts that are perfect for beginners.

TT for Abs 2K11
August 2011

Retooled with NEW innovative abdominal exercises to help you sculpt a rock hard body without risking an injury.

April 2013

Discover the unique S-C-S training mechanism for getting chiseled, beautiful, and sexy abs like Craig Ballantyne

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