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Discover two of the most popular advanced TT workouts - TT Fusion Fat Loss and TT Hardcore Fat Loss. Plus, you'll find three programs dedicated to muscle and the unique TT for Athletes program and a program dedicated to female strength and helping women do their first chin-up.

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Turbulence Training for Women 8-Week Workout
August 2006, # 12

This updated TT for Women program contains two 4-week workouts and is based on the hundreds of workouts I coached female clients through in 2006. Just the right amount of free weights and just the right amount of bodyweight exercises combined with the perfect amount of interval cardio to help women shape their best body ever.

Turbulence Training for Female Strength
November 2006, # 15

This program is designed for the female that wants to explore all that the gym has to offer and break free of the old and stale machine circuit routine. If you're looking to do your first chin-up, then this is the program to help you get there (contains two 4-week workouts).

Turbulence Training Bodysculpting for Women
September 2008

A fast, fun bodyweight workout for women to help them sculpt their arms and abs. This program is a guaranteed NO-BULK workout, because it isn't a high-volume bodybuilding program or high-calorie diet.

TT Booty For Wife
April 2010

The new & improved Booty for Wife 12-week program that includes more bodyweight exercises to tighten up your midsection and put curves in all of the right spots.

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