Get Your FREE Bodyweight Cardio 4-Hundred Workout Now

PLUS the “Shocking” 20-10 Bodyweight Squats Interval Workout Video from Fitness Expert, Craig Ballantyne

Inside the Turbulence Training Bodyweight Cardio 4-Hundred workout program you’ll discover…

  • The now infamous 5 rounds of 5 exercises  workout that is guaranteed to get your heart racing and your body primed to burn fat.
  • Workout B aka Nasty and its two 5-exercise circuits that follow on the heels of a difficult opening triset of Vertical Jumps, Pull-ups, and Pike Push-ups. I m tired just even thinking about that ugly workout.
  • The Friday 4-Hundred  a workout of 400 grueling reps of bodyweight exercises that are all combined into one unique set-up. And I guarantee that once the third round of Burpees comes along, you ll hate me & but love your results.

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