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Attention Men and Women: If you want to lose 10, 20, 30 pounds or more without going to the gym…

Discover the Secret Fat Burning Exercises Men’s Health Expert Craig Ballantyne Stumbled Upon to Turn His Life Around and Burn 10 Pounds of Embarrassing Fat in Just 3 Short Weeks...

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I haven’t always had 6-pack abs. In fact, just like you, I once went down the well-traveled road of skipping workouts and excessive eating and drinking. In fact, I almost became another casualty in the fight against the Freshman 15 in College.

I have an extremely EMBARRASSING story to tell you, but first...

  • If you’re sick of doing ineffective cardio and “toning” machine workouts
    from the naïve and novice “in house” personal trainers at your gym…

  • If you don’t even have time to think about going to the gym, let alone spending the 10-15 minutes to drive there, the 3 minutes to find a parking spot, and 10 minutes to get changed before even starting your workout…

  • If you hate the thought of working out in a busy gym surrounded by ego-
    maniacs and grunting bodybuilders…

  • If family and leisure time are more important to you than a costly gym membership where you spend more time waiting for machines than actually using them...

  • If you’re sick of picking up germs and diseases from the motley cast of sketchy, random characters that your gym calls “members”…

  • If you’ve suffered from the dark side of bodybuilding and have nagging overuse injuries from lifting weights five to six times per week…

  • If you want workouts you can do anytime, anywhere…

…then you need to discover the secrets of bodyweight workout exercises that you can do at home, in the park, behind closed doors in your office, or even in your hotel room while you travel.

As Seen in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Health, Oxygen, and Prevention magazines...

Dear Friend,

Hi, I’m Craig Ballantyne, and my Turbulence Training Bodyweight programs have helped folks lose up to 41 pounds in just 8 weeks. Why? Because over the past 18 years I’ve been studying fat loss, exercise, and advanced workout strategies every hour of my work day.

Craig Ballantyne, and his dog Bally,
with 6-pack abs sculpted by
Turbulence Training
In fact, I’ve discovered over 111 bodyweight exercises and designed 27 different bodyweight workouts to help you burn fat without the dishonor of going to a gym where management expects you to share sweaty equipment with strangers off the street.

If you’d rather skip the biohazard found in ALL commercial gyms and find out how to burn fat and build muscle at home, then I want you to discover the bodyweight workouts that have changed the lives of thousands of men and women, from beginners all the way to professional trainers.

For the past 8 years I’ve been consulting with Men’s Health magazine (as well as Oxygen, Prevention, Shape, Men’s Fitness, and Muscle & Fitness Hers) to show millions of readers how to lose fat in as little time as possible. I quickly noticed that more and more editors – and magazine readers – were contacting me for fast workouts they could do at home with little to no equipment.

But First I Had to Discover the Secrets to Burning Belly Fat on My Own

I haven’t always had 6-pack abs. In fact, just like you, I once went down the well-traveled road of skipping workouts and excessive eating and drinking. In fact, I almost became another casualty in the fight against the Freshman 15 in College.

I have to admit, this story is extremely EMBARRASSING to tell you.

However, I just have to share this turning point in my life to show you that no matter how tired or out-of-shape you might feel, bodyweight training can rescue you and your energy levels while helping you lose inches and burn belly fat without going to the gym.

When I first started University in 1994 I had already been lifting weights for 3 years, and was bench pressing over 225 pounds.

Every evening during my teenage years, I’d get home from my $3.10 per hour after school job at the garden center and have dinner and then go to the local YMCA to lift weights. I didn’t miss a workout, week-in or week-out. I’d even train on Saturdays – and sometimes Sundays!

So by the time I got to University, I had my routine down to a science. But just like anyone, my life changed dramatically when I moved into the dorm. And I started saying to myself…

  • “The college gym isn’t very good.”
  • “It's always too crowded anyway.”
  • “I have better stuff to do after class than go to the gym.”
  • “I don't have any time to go to the gym between classes.”
  • “I have a big Anatomy test tomorrow.”
  • “I’m getting enough exercise playing co-ed soccer and hockey.”
  • “I’ll start back up in the gym again in January.”

I was coming up with every excuse in the book to avoid my workouts!

Plus, along with the endless amounts of cafeteria pasta and weekend “liquid” calories I was consuming, I was losing the body I had worked so hard to build. I still remember eating huge take-out containers of pasta each night, and starting my “weekends” on Wednesdays and not finishing until the final football game on Sunday night.

My first semester at school I probably gained 10 pounds.

It wasn’t quite the Freshman 15, but it wasn’t pretty. In fact, I probably gained more fat because I was losing upper body muscle by not doing ANY resistance training.

What I wouldn’t give to have those days over again…and not just for all the partying and girl-chasing! I wish I had a chance to relive those days because I’d never have gotten off track from my workouts. However, the truth is I did stop working out and eating right for months and things actually GOT WORSE before they got better…

At Christmas I went home. It was the first Christmas holiday when I wasn’t working at my high school manual labor job at the garden center. So I had plenty of time for more eating and drinking…but also contemplating.

I was sick of feeling lazy and lethargic. I was 19 and I used to be strong. My bench press probably decreased 50 pounds or more since the summer ended and I started University.

I started getting angry and disgusted with myself. Here I was, on the path to what I knew would be a life dedicated to helping people improve their health and fitness, and I was wasting away my time eating food that made me tired, and being too tired to do anything but sit around and eat more food.

Finally, I got off the couch and put down the Sports Illustrated I was reading and I picked up a Men’s Health magazine, stumbled across a bodyweight workout, and went upstairs into a large open area in my parent’s house and I started working out.

No equipment, no bench, no nothing – just me, myself, and my own bodyweight.

It felt good to move, but it also felt frustrating to feel so out of tune with my body. I was a 2-sport athlete in high-school, and now I felt like a beginner who wanted to quit. I hated that feeling, but I knew I was making progress.

After the workout I sat down, read through the rest of the Men’s Health magazine and said to myself, “Some day I’m going to be writing for this magazine.” I’m not joking. I knew right then that I was going to become a fitness expert and help millions of readers make that same breakthrough that I made that day.

That bodyweight workout was the turning point in my life.

For the next three weeks I did bodyweight workouts almost everyday, coming up with more and more exercises to help me regain my strength and burn body fat. I did supersets, circuits, tri-sets, and anything else you could think of.

And by the end of those three weeks when I headed back to college for the next semester, I lost all 10 pounds of fat I had gained as a freshman. Plus, I had a new outlook on fat burning workouts, one that changed the course of my life forever.

I wish I could find the author of that old magazine article and thank him - from me AND you - for helping all of us discover the secrets of bodyweight fat burning workouts.

These early experimental workouts later became the foundation for the Turbulence Training 6-Month Bodyweight program.

Here's a sample workout from the Turbulence Training 6-Month Bodyweight Manual.

And never again have I missed more than 2 workouts in a row. While traveling through Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and Canada, I now have all the bodyweight secrets I need to burn fat in the tiniest of hotel rooms.

I’ve worked out in hotel rooms in Orlando, Nashville, Las Vegas, Tampa Bay, Washington, Honolulu, Sydney, London, Vancouver, Chicago, Baltimore, New York City, Los Angeles, and even in Toronto (that’s where we filmed the NEW “Turbulence Training Hotel Room Workouts”!).

And YES, these days I still love lifting weights and I don't mind going to a gym 3 days per week, but I always include these powerful bodyweight exercises and bodyweight cardio circuits in my program to help me stay lean with 6-pack abs year round - not to mention using the bodyweight hotel room workouts at least twice a month when I travel.

Fortunately, with the Turbulence Training bodyweight exercises and workout secrets, it doesn’t matter how uncomfortable or intimidated you’d feel going to a gym. You can workout in the comfort of your own home or hotel room, while burning belly fat and boosting your energy and metabolism.

So it doesn’t matter if you’ve made some mistakes along the way, and been suckered into trying long cardio workouts that barely make a dent in your belly fat.

It’s not your fault.

But if you are going to put all that effort into a workout, why not use something that works? And why not use something that is fun, rather than doing mind-numbing cardio workouts on a machine that goes nowhere.

Maybe you listened to an inexperienced trainer or read the wrong fluffy fitness magazine, but if you are just doing cardio to lose weight, than I’m sorry to say that you’re not going to get results.

Or if you’ve been lifting weights five or six days per week, I urge you to stop before you get hurt and get an overuse injury. After repetitive cardio, shoulder injuries from too much upper body lifting are probably the second biggest exercise cause of trips to the physiotherapist.

In fact, I’ve trained guys who gave up bodybuilding for bodyweight training and within just weeks no longer felt beat-up or arthritic after their workouts. If you still don’t believe bodyweight workouts can help you build muscle and burn fat, while eliminating joint pain, just ask folks who have used the program.

Do you want to know how Brad Pitt achieved his legendary physique for the roles of Tyler Durden in Fight Club and that crazy gypsy in Snatch?

Clearly, Pitt wasn’t devoting an entire day to biceps and triceps and inflating his body with “all show and no go” muscle. That type of lean, wiry, low-body fat body and performance is achieved only through athletic type training - using bodyweight exercises and sprint intervals - just like those in Turbulence Training.

You'd almost call it a "dangerous" physique. The type than any other alpha-male wannabe would look at when you're at the beach with your shirt off, and think twice before crossing your path.

Fortunately, just like Pitt, you can build muscle and burn fat without fancy machines, and bodyweight exercises are one of the best ways to burn fat while making you stronger, leaner, and more athletic.

So forget the 1980’s spandex-inspired high-volume cardio and bodybuilding workouts. Both cardio machines and 6-day per week bodybuilding programs give you overuse injuries, while bodyweight exercises give you a functional beach body.

Rob Lost 7.3% Body Fat and Built a Tight, Functional Body Using the Turbulence Training Bodyweight Program

"Using your 6 month Body weight program a year and a half ago I went from 19.8%BF down to 12.5% getting ready for my wedding (@ 43 years old). Thanks to your programs I don't need to think and I am having fun. I am feeling great and tight and strongly functional. Thanks for designing programs that I can trust and use. As a Certified Master Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, and Biomechanics Specialist, - and a busy professional & dad running his own business – I appreciate your work."

Rob Yontz, MFT, CFN


Today’s action heroes aren’t just men. More and more beautiful women are showing off lean, sporty bodies and saving the day. Do you remember watching Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2 or Demi Moore in GI Jane doing pull-ups? Their arms were sleek and feminine, but strong and sexy at the same time. And now actresses like Jessica Biel are using high-intensity training to sculpt their bodies.

In fact, in 2006 I trained hot, young, up-and-coming actress Rachel Nichols, and using Turbulence Training we helped her do her first chin-up ever. And she remained sleek and sexy, of course. (You'll see her in the upcoming GI Joe movie.)

She Built Movie Star Arms and Did Her First Chin-up

"Craig's workouts were fun and challenging - and I wasn't overly sore after our sessions. And my co-stars couldn't believe how great my arms looked, thanks to Craig helping me do my first chin-up. Thanks Craig!"

Rachel Nichols, Actress, Model

Introducing the Turbulence Training Bodyweight Fat Burning Solution - The Ultimate Comprehensive Workout-by-Workout Bodyweight Program...

...Featuring the 6-Month Turbulence Training Bodyweight Manual and dozens and dozens of bodyweight workouts and videos that will show you how to burn fat, lose inches, and flatten your belly in the comfort of your own home with ONLY bodyweight exercises.

Here's one of the advanced Upper-Body bodyweight workouts from Phase 5 of the Turbulence Training Bodyweight Manual.

In fact, these superior workouts have been used to burn truckloads of fat, increase energy, incinerate calories, and improve the health and fitness of thousands of men and women just like you.

I've studied over 139 trainers and coaches, reviewed more than 1117 workouts, experimented with over 183 bodyweight exercises, and more importantly, applied the secrets I discovered with more than 5533 clients to bring you every single fat burning bodyweight exercise in existence to help you lose fat and build muscle.

After years of being assaulted with weight loss gadget infomercials, gym machine propaganda, and magazines filled with workouts appropriate only for steroid-using monsters, you will be shocked to discover just how fun, fast, and effective home-gym bodyweight workouts will be for burning your belly fat.

In addition to this workout program and FREE DVD's, you'll also need a tiny bit of affordable equipment to get maximum results in minimum time from the bodyweight fat burning solution.

You'll need:

a. An exercise ball
b. A bench or step
c. A pullup bar if you are strong enough
d. Your bodyweight!

That's it!

Plus, I have NEW bonus bodyweight workouts for you that you can do without a single piece of exercise equipment, so you can workout at the park, in your living room, or your hotel room while traveling.

Here's a sample "Follow Along" beginner workout from the NEW Hotel Room Workout DVD's.

Heck, you could even workout in a closet and burn fat because these bonus bodyweight cardio and hotel room workouts are so effective without any equipment.

But you’re probably tired of hearing from me, so I’m going to turn this article over to the Turbulence Training Bodyweight success stories to answer all of your questions...

Question: Can you use bodyweight workouts to lose a LOT of weight, even if you have sore, painful joints?

Answer: Yes, you can burn 10, 20, 30 pounds of fat or even more with the Turbulence Training bodyweight workouts, AND you can even get rid of sore, painful joints thanks to the variety of exercises in the program.

Once you stop doing the same exercises over and over again, along with repetitive, excessive cardiovascular workouts, you'll find that your overuse injuries disappear and the sore, swollen joints you had from traditional machine workouts will be gone.

You'll look and feel ten years younger in just weeks with the Turbulence Training Bodyweight Fat Burning Solution.

John Burned 25 Pounds of Fat at Age 52, Strengthened His Joints, Eliminated Pain and Stiffness, and Improved His Quality of Life

“I turned to Craig’s 6 month bodyweight program as a way to get in shape and stay in shape.  The program is very effective.  It has increased my mobility, balance, strength and endurance, and I have lost 25 lbs.  But there are two things that really stand out.  The first is these exercises are safe.  I'm 52 and have a bad shoulder, back, the usual stuff that doesn't work so well.  The bodyweight exercises have strengthened the joints and eliminated the pain and stiffness.  I enjoy activities I wouldn't consider a year ago.  The second is these are exercises that I use in everyday life, from weekend sports to yard work.  It's much more than just dropping a few pounds, or the way you look.  They have truly improved the quality of my life everyday. Thanks Craig!”

John Mudd

Question: Can you really burn fat and get more muscle definition just by using bodyweight exercises?

Answer: Yes, because bodyweight exercises are the perfect combination of resistance training and interval training - Two proven methods for burning belly fat.

It doesn't matter if you are busy dad with young kids, a stressed out executive working 60 plus hours per week, or even a student on a budget, bodyweight exercises are guaranteed to help you build muscle and burn fat.

In fact, it's my personal guarantee to you that if after using the Turbulence Training Bodyweight Fat Burning Solution your friends don't accuse you of joining a gym and hiring an expensive personal trainer, then you can just return the bodyweight program and I'll give you your money back.

47-Year Old Mark Lost 11 Pounds in 8 Weeks with the Turbulence Training Bodyweight 500

“It was Dec. 31, 2007, and I saw in the mirror the effects of holiday indulgences on my waistline. I wasn't significantly overweight compared to the average American – which is not a standard to be proud – but I was at an all-time high weight for me of 169 pounds on a 5 foot 6 inch frame. I subscribe to Men's Health magazine, where I noticed the Belly-Off Program designed by Craig. I signed up that day.

I religiously completed the Bodyweight 500 program and was astonished at the results. In all my years of regular exercise, I've never experienced a change in fitness like this. I lost 11 pounds in eight weeks. Most of the weight was shed from my mid-section, which is just what I wanted. My arms and chest became better defined, and I started to see abs, on a 47-year-old guy! I was psyched to continue the progress. I can't believe how successful Craig's programs has been for me. It's the best decision I've made for my fitness since I committed to regular exercise two decades ago. Thanks Craig!
Mark McCain

Busy Student Drops 22 Pounds of Fat with the Bodyweight Workouts…Even Though 3 Years of Bodybuilding Didn’t Work!

“Just thought I'd drop you a line and share what a great year I've had so far.  After 3 years of traditional bodybuilding programs and hours of traditional low intensity cardio I had 25% body fat to show. Being a student with little time able to train, cost of gyms, traveling around over holidays, the 6-month bodyweight program has been a lifesaver. With incorporating these workouts as the base of my training, and making the most of intervals, as well following your nutrition plans, I'm currently at 13% bodyfat and have dropped 22 pounds of fat. Thanks for an intense, easy to follow, bodyweight program.

Joshua Dunn, Student

Question: But can women use the bodyweight workouts to burn fat and sculpt their bodies?

Answer: Absolutely! In fact, some of my best clients were women who used the Turbulence Training bodyweight exercises to sculpt their arms and burn fat better than their previous long, slow cardio workouts.

I still remember the arm-sculpting results one client achieved after doing one of the Turbulence Training pushup variations. She wore a sleeveless dress to a fancy party with her husband, and she caught several women talking behind her back about how her arms looked. I can only imagine the jealousy in the air that night!

The reason why the Turbulence Training Bodyweight Fat Burning Solution works so well for women is because women have relied on the bad workout advice found in fluffy fitness magazines and from inexperienced trainers for too long.

Most trainers stereotype women as being unable to do pushups and don't even give female clients the opportunity to try chin-ups. So no matter how much women workout, they don't get results because they are stuck with ineffective low intensity machine workouts.

But the bodyweight workouts respect the ability of women to train just as effectively as men. And once they make the switch from "fluff workouts" to the bodyweight fat burning solution program, their fat burning progress practically doubles overnight!

Joy Feels Sorry for People Stuck Doing Long, Slow Cardio

“I purchased the Turbulence Training Bodyweight package about 5 months ago. I was looking for something different other than traditional weight training exercises. I can remember thinking at the time that the bodyweight training didn't look very hard and I wondered whether I would get a sufficiently intense workout just from that form of training. Anyway I decided to try them and I can't believe how effective they are. What I love about them is the intensity of the workout combined with time efficiency and you don't need to visit a gym to do it.

P.S. I live in Australia and many people attending the gym I go to are doing the same old traditional workouts, particularly the females (no weights, only long slow cardio). I actually feel sorry for them (the guys included) because I've been there and done that & it wasn't very effective. Now I have Turbulence Training and it makes all the difference.”
Joy Dondey

She Can Now Do REAL Pushups

“Hi Craig, I am on phase 2 of the Bodyweight Workout and I am really enjoying the challenge.  Since starting this program I have seen definite improvements in my upper body strength and also my cardio from the intervals.  When I started the program I could barely squeak out 4 pushups and had to do knee pushups most of the time in phase 1, but I can now do all the variations of pushups in phase 2 the proper way.  I am also seeing improvements in my back strength too, although this is coming more slowly.  The program is also a nice change from the typical weights, 3 sets of 12 thing I am used to.  I am looking forward to getting in to phase 3!  Keep up the great work!”

Catherine Rolfe

Petite 41-Year Old Female Trainer Amazes Her Clients with Bodyweight Strength

“My very favorite program is the 6-month bodyweight manual.  Being a petite 41-year-old, it's pretty cool and empowering when clients call you 'freakishly strong' while demonstrating a chin-up or close-grip pull-up. The bodyweight exercises are deceptively hard and have gotten me the strongest I've been in my life.  I can't thank you enough for all your great programs, exercise and health tips.”
Lisa Grivers, Personal Trainer

Question: Yeah, but what if I’m a guy and I want to build muscle? Don’t I
need to be lifting heavy weights?

Answer: Just as gymnasts can build six pack abs and big, powerful, functional
muscles with bodyweight exercises, so can you. In fact, I've said it before
and I'll say it again, you'll be SHOCKED at how effective bodyweight
exercises can be...when you discover the RIGHT WAY to do them.

If you ask any of the world's top trainers for the best muscle building
exercises, almost everyone one of them will include pull-ups, chin-ups and
dips on their list. These are just three of the amazing bodyweight exercises
you can do to build muscle.

Plus, I've discovered dozens of single-leg exercises that are more fun to do
than regular squats, but will give you the same muscle boosting benefit. And
you don't have to worry about hurting your low back deadlifting or
squatting, as many people do when they don't know how to do those two
bodybuiding exercises.

Unfortunately, too many folks think bodyweight exercises consist of regular
pushups, lunges, and crunches, but the truth is there are over 100 amazing
bodyweight exercises that you can do in just a tiny space in the comfort of
your own home.

And it doesn't matter if you are busy with work or on the road traveling,
you can follow a powerful fat burning, muscle sculpting Turbulence Training
bodyweight workout almost anytime, anywhere.

Skeptical Former-Bodybuilder Gets “Pump” at Home

“At first I was skeptical about trying Craig's Bodyweight program, but man was I suprised! The workout was a refreshing change from going to the gym (I did it at home in my living room) and the exercises were very challenging, you'll be surprised at the pump you get from doing an entire workout with only your body as resistance.”

Brad Pilon

Question: But will bodyweight workouts help me get lean, challenge my cardiovascular system, improve my sports performance, and build strength ALL at the same time?

Answer: As I mentioned before, bodyweight exercises are the perfect blend of
resistance training and interval training techniques.

If you do them in supersets, as you will in the 6-Month Bodyweight program,
you'll build maximum bodyweight strength, and if you do the bodyweight
cardio circuits, you'll burn maximum body fat.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the cardiovascular demonds from a
professionally designed Turbulence Training bodyweight cardio circuit. I
challenge anyone to do a TT bodyweight cardio program and tell me that
exercising on a useless elliptical machine is harder or more effective.

Plus, bodyweight workouts don't include useless machine exercises that use
equipment unfit for most body sizes. Instead, you control each repetition
and I've designed each workout to maximize athleticism.

With bodyweight exercises, you'll burn fat, build strength, improve your
flexibility, strengthen your heart, and maximize your workout time.

Exercise physiologists, marathon runners, and top strength coaches all agree
that my Turbulence Training bodyweight workouts are the best way to improve
every aspect of your health and fitness in one simple workout.

Exercise Physiologist, Dr. Phillips, Uses Bodyweight Workouts for an Awesome Cardiovascular Challenge

“The bodyweight workouts provide an awesome cardiovascular challenge as well as a big shock for your muscles. Don't think you can get stronger using these workouts? Think again! Don't think you can get lean using these workouts? You're wrong! They work, they're based on good science and good planning. Bodyweight workouts are great when I can’t make it to the gym or I’m traveling and have to work in some crummy hotel gym. This fall I found myself in St. Louis in a hotel with an old squeaky multi-station Nautilus machine and two broken exercise bikes, so I thought a TT bodyweight workout might serve as a welcome but ‘mild’ alternative to the usual turbulence workouts; yeah, big surprise! I could hardly move after doing the workout and had to do my presentation that morning on legs of jello with my arms shaking like a sewing machine!! Man the workouts are awesome, keep ‘em coming.

Stuart M. Phillips, Ph.D..

Competitive Runner Gets Stronger, But Not Bigger with Bodyweight Exercises

“As a competitive runner, I wanted to get stronger without putting on mass.  I also wanted something accessible and complimentary to my aerobic training.  This was it! Having played varsity rugby and volleyball, and trained with the National Triathlon Centre, I consider myself am accomplished athlete, but I was humbled by this program. If you think that bodyweight isn't enough, try the Turbulence Training Bodyweight Manual. I quickly learned where my strengths and weaknesses were. I recommend bodyweight workouts for anyone – especially if you are growing tired of free weights and machines.”

Brad Cunningham
Vancouver, BC

Top Strength Coach Uses Turbulence Training Bodyweight Secrets With Elite Athletes

“Craig, just wanted to send out a HUGE thanks to you for putting out an ass kicking bodyweight training manual! I've been using these methods with my athletes and they're getting awesome results! We train in groups all the time so the bodyweight movements you show in the manual make it extremely effective to run top notch group programs with my athletes! When the weather gets warmer we'll be hitting a lot of these movements outdoors and at the local parks in addition to using them at my strength and conditioning camps! I highly recommend anyone who trains others or trains with minimal equipment to check out this bodyweight training manual. It is loaded with information to get you the results you want!”

Zach Even - Esh

Question: But I’m a bodybuilder. Won’t these bodyweight exercises be “a joke” for me?

Answer: Ah yes, the famous last words of bodybuilders, bench pressers, testosterone-filled Muscle-n-Fiction readers, and upper-body only lifters.

Listen, I dare you to try just one workout from the Turbulence Training Bodyweight Fat Burning Solution program and tell me it wasn't one of the best - if not THE best - total body workouts you've ever done before (not to mention fastest and most convenient workout you'ev ever done).

I've worked with hundreds of athletes in my career, and not one of them has avoided being humbled by a bodyweight exercise or bodyweight workout. These programs are the real deal, and your muscles will feel like they did after your first intense bodybuilding workout - but you'll be done in under half the time.

But don't worry, it's natural and normal (and easy) to be skeptical. After all, if you're like me, you've read dozens - if not hundreds - of muscle building magazines, and aside from pullups, chinups and dips, none of those steroid-filled magazines ever talked about other bodyweight exercises.

So how hard could they be, really?

Just ask these three guys, including the editor for one of the most popular fitness magazines in the world, for their opinion "how easy" the Turbulence Training Bodyweight Fat Burning Solution workouts are.

Bodybuilder Humbled by Bodyweight Exercises

“Started at phase two in the 6-Month Turbulence Training Bodyweight program, and I was totally caught off guard at the high level of energy and strength that is needed to complete these circuits. I’m used to regular “bodybuilding” exercises and I assumed my strength there would compliment me in these circuits, but it turns out I was wrong, for the most part. By the second circuit I was already lowering my reps, as I wasn’t strong enough nor did I have the necessary endurance to complete the circuit at the recommended reps.  My body felt like it went through a 2 hour workout, when in fact I was done with in about 30 minutes.  I particularly enjoy the fact that these can mostly all be done at home.”
Brad Wittig

Switching to Bodyweight Workouts Leads to Major Changes

“I have, for the most part, had an attitude that BW training must be for the weak and untrained. Needing a change, and stuck not making any progress in improved leanness, I decided to give it a try.  What a surprise.  The workouts are tough.  I'm enjoying them more than weights and intervals (still do a bit of intervals).  And ... guess what, suddenly I'm seeing major changes in my leanness.  Considerably more than I was getting conventionally! With the ways you have to make it tougher, even very strong athletes can experience great challenge.  Functional fitness training it is. You are terrific.  Keep up the great work.”

David O’Dell

Editor of Popular Fitness Magazine Recommends Bodybuilders Try the
Shockingly Effective Turbulence Training Bodyweight Programs

“Craig, your body weight training manual is phenomenal. So many guys think that lifting weights is the only way to get lean and strong, while mistakenly thinking that body weight work is easy – the Turbulence Training Bodyweight program proves them wrong on both counts. Best of all, it's not what people might expect. There's a lot more to it than pushups and situps. You've created a full-body program that beats boredom as well as it builds fast muscle."
Sean Hyson
Fitness Editor for Men's Fitness and Muscle & Fitness Hers

Question: But I’m really busy. Can I really get these workouts done fast?

You'll be done these workouts faster than it would take you to drive to the gym, get changed, and finish your warmup sets. Seriously!

With my secret bodyweight exercises and workouts there's really no need to go to a gym, pay expensive monthly dues, throw your clothes in a locker used by hundreds and thousands of strangers with less-than-impressive hygiene, and then share your personal space with strangers you'd prefer to have a restraining order against...all in the name of "fat loss".

Not to mention that 95% of folks who go to commercial gyms FAIL to reach their goals. Plus, 80% of men and women drop out of their programs and don't even last a month.

But with the Turbulence Training Bodyweight Fat Burning Solution, you'll use fast, effective workouts in a professionally-designed system from one of the world's most profilic magazine fitness experts, so that you can burn fat in less time than most people spend getting ready to workout.

He Cut His Workout Time By More than Half…And Now Can Spend More Time With His Kids…

“I have been religiously following the 6 month bodyweight program and have really enjoyed it. In phase 4 now, and I have been able to maintain my weight (an issue for me) and even gain a little strength with only three 30min workouts a week - which is great because I used to work out 4 or 5 days a week for 1.5 hours. With 3 kids under 5 - I need the time! Thank you - Thank you!”

Steve Nykerk

Bodyweight Workouts are Perfect for the World’s Busiest Dad

“Having "no time to train" is no longer an excuse now that CB has released his "TT 500 workout".  If you want to get your metabolism jump started, your muscles pumped and your butt kicked then this is the workout you need.  This is a whole body workout that will challenge you both physically AND mentally.  Every muscle in your body will feel the effects of this workout for days after.  Another gem from the CB vault has been released! Plus, the Bodyweight 1000 kicked my ass. Using CB's BW1000 program was a great way to take a few weeks off heavy resistance training and work on my conditioning and relative strength.  With Craig's program I was able to challenge myself every workout by trying to beat my times. I increased my max chin-up numbers and each workout took me less than 35-minutes!  For a busy dad like me, the BW1000 was perfect.”

Chris Lopez, CSCS
The Busiest Dad in the World

ANNOUNCING...The Turbulence Training Bodyweight Workout Fat Burning Solution that GUARANTEES you can burn fat and even build muscle without weight training.

In fact, it is my personal promise to you that if your friends don't accuse you of joining a gym and hiring an expensive personal trainer because of your amazing results, you can just send back the Turbulence Training Bodyweight Workout Fat Burning Solution for a full refund.

If you are sick and tired of feeling sluggish, overweight, inactive, and unmotivated by regular gym workouts, that's why I put all of my Turbulence Training bodyweight workouts into a special brand new complete fat burning package.

The Turbulence Training Bodyweight Fat Burning Solution features the PROVEN 6-Month Turbulence Training Bodyweight Manual and videos (retail value = $397).

This program contains over 18 bodyweight workouts using my trademarked non-competing superset system to build muscle, as well as bodyweight cardio circuits to burn the fat and define your body.

You'll discover over 70 bodyweight exercises, over 20 abdominal exercises, and 12 different pushup variations to help you build muscle and burn fat at the same time, all while doing fast workouts in the comfort of your own home.

Thousands of men and women have used the Turbulence Training 6-Month Bodyweight program to burn fat and sculpt their bodies in the comfort of their own home. With as little as an exercise ball and a bench, beginners can start their weight loss journey without going to intimidating commercial gyms filled with young punk kids, bodybuilding meatheads, or cardio bunnies. Plus, you'll get access to all of these workouts on video for proper exercise instruction.

Plus, because you are a Turbulence Training reader, I am making you the world's most amazing fitness offer for a limited time only.

If you are sick and tired of feeling sluggish, overweight, inactive, and unmotivated by regular gym workouts, that's why I put all of my Turbulence Training bodyweight workouts into a special brand new complete fat burning package that includes:

As an additional bonus for ordering TODAY, you'll also get these 10 bonuses worth over $1225.90, many of which have NEVER been offered before.

In fact, I just created some of these workouts ONLY for this limited time offer. These bonuses will give you even more bodyweight-only exercise options for burning fat while you are traveling or for folks who are sick of the gym and just never going back.

So Order the Turbulence Training Bodyweight Workout Fat Burning Solution TODAY and You'll Also Receive...

1) The Advanced Abdominal Nutrition Guidelines & Meal Plans for Men & Women with Isabel De Los Rios, Holistic Nutritionist
(Retail Value = $39.95)
If you are sick and tired of not knowning what to eat to burn belly fat, then you must discover the 12 Dirty Diet Secrets that will help you burn fat for life - all while eating delicious foods! Plus, you get advanced meal plans for men and women to help you burn belly fat and get 6-pack abs!

This is NOT an extreme diet. It is a healthy and safe way of eating that will still cause you to lose pounds of body fat EACH week.

2) The NEW, NEVER SEEN BEFORE Turbulence Training Hotel Room Workouts - Retail Value = $197

In fact, these workouts are so NEW, we're just finishing the editing today! If you order today, you'll be one of the elite, first few people in the world to see and use the Turbulence Training Bodyweight Hotel Room Workouts.

But you won't need to stuff a single piece of workout equipment into your already over-stuffed luggage in order to do these workouts. No bands, no medicine balls, no kettlebells, no nothing!

All you need is your own bodyweight and a small amount of space inside any hotel room and you'll be able to burn fat and lose inches with these short 20-minute workouts. So it doesn't matter how busy your schedule, you'll always be able to slip in a hotel room bodyweight workout to keep off the pounds while you pile on the miles.

Plus, you'll receive a FREE hardcopy manual and hotel room workout DVD where you can follow along with me as I go through each repetition in the beginner and intermediate circuits (I only demonstrate a few repetitions for the advanced workouts, because you'll need all your concentration for those

It's like having your own personal Craig Ballantyne training session in the privacy of your hotel room!

3) Turbulence Training Bodyweight Cardio Workouts - Retail Value = $59.95

For years, men and women have searched all over for a replacment for fat burning interval training treadmill workouts, but nothing, short of going outside and running, even came close...until I invented the Turbulence Training Bodyweight Cardio Circuits...including the legendary Crazy-8 bodyweight circuit.

These bodyweight cardio circuits don't require any equipment, so you can burn fat fast at the park, in your backyard, or in the comfort of your own home. You'll be shocked at the benefits your cardiovascular system will get from bodyweight exercises...not to mention how much fat you can burn from your thighs, hips, and belly without relying on treadmills or other machines.

3) Bodyweight Abs: The Home & Hotel Ab Workout You Can Do Without ANY Equipment - Retail Value = $29.95

Finally, a completely equipment-free bodyweight-and-abs workout that can work your abs without relying on a single crunch. You'll swear you just used every machine in a gym after you complete this powerful, bodyweight only fat burning workout. You'll never have to rely on another disappointing hotel gym again - not when you can burn bodyfat and work your abs harder than ever in the comfort of your own hotel room.

5) A FREE 1-Year Platinum Turbulence Training Membership - Retail Value = $677

In the Turbulence Training Platinum Membership area, I’ll answer all of your most pressing fat loss workout and nutrition questions. You'll get full access to me, Craig Ballantyne, similar to having email access to any other personal trainer in the world.

You'll also have access to my interrogations of other fat loss experts, you'll be able to download more exclusive fat burning audio interviews to listen to anytime and anywhere, and you’ll benefit from the #1 factor overlooked in fat loss programs today, "The power of social support" (it really is the secret to your fat burning success).

Plus, each month for the next year you’ll get a NEW fat burning Turbulence Training workout (and you have access to EVERY single Turbulence Training workout I’ve ever created). There are over $3500 worth of workout programs in the TT Platinum Membership, but all of these are FREE to you as part of the Ultimate Turbulence Training Bodyweight Fat Burning Solution.

6) An personalized, autographed copy of my NEW book, “Just Say NO to Cardio” - Retail Value = $39.95

In my NEW Amazon Best-seller, you'll discover everything you need to know about Turbulence Training and the reasons why short, burst workouts work better than traditional so- called "weight loss workouts".

You'll be shocked to learn the 5 biggest cardio myths, as well as the devastating cardio-appetite connection that might be stopping you from burning belly fat and losing inches.

Exclusive Bonus Offer!

That's why I'm making the Ultimate Turbulence Training Bodyweight Fat Burning Solution available for only $247.

And for that low price, not only do you get the 6-Month Bodyweight Workout manual and DVD's, plus the TT Hotel Room workout and DVD's, the TT Bodyweight Cardio programs, the TT Bodyweight Abs workout, a 1-Year Platinum TT Membership, and an autographed copy of my new book, "Just Say NO to Cardio", but you'll also get these bonuses...

1) The Turbulence Training Bodyweight 500 Workout and videos – Retail Value = $97

This is the bodyweight fat burning solution that helped more than 5533 men lose over 41117 pounds of fat in just 8 weeks. Men's Health - the biggest fitness magazine in the world - used the Turbulence Training Bodyweight 500 Workout to inspire thousands of men to get up off the couch and burn fat while regaining their energy, athleticism, strength, and fitness in short, fun workouts done only three times per week.

Note: Some of the alternative workouts in the TT Bodyweight 500 program include dumbbell exercises.

2) Turbulence Training Bodyweight 1000 workout and videos – Retail Value = $97

Due to popular demand from hardcore Turbulence Training bodyweight fanatics, I spent weeks in the lab designing and perfecting the Ultimate Bodyweight Cardio Challenge...and emerged (barely!) with one of the toughest fat burning workouts I'd ever created. Behold! The Turbulence Training Bodyweight 1000 workout. For advanced fat burning only!

3) And don't forget, I’m going to throw in a FREE set of DVD’s and printed hardcopy manuals of these workouts:

  • Turbulence Training 6-Month Bodyweight workouts
  • The NEW Turbulence Training Hotel Room workouts
  • Turbulence Training Bodyweight 500 workouts
  • Turbulence Training Bodyweight 1000 workouts

4) And for a limited time, you get FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE in the world! Your FREE DVD and Hardcopy manual gifts will be shipped to you at no additional cost. Retail Value = $28

NOTE: For all orders, please allow the following delivery times:

  • North America: 4 weeks
  • UK: 6-8 weeks
  • Australia and Asia: 8 weeks

Total Retail Value of the Ultimate Turbulence Training Bodyweight Fat Burning Solution is $1662.89!

But fast-action taking Turbulence Training readers will be able to grab a set for only $247!

Over the past 15 years, fat burning workouts have come a long way. We've gone from 90 minute bodybuilding machine plus cardio marathon workouts to discovering the secrets of interval training and resistance training for fat loss.

And now we're entering a new phase of fat loss, where we're able to combine both resistance training and interval training into bodyweight supersets and circuits to get the benefits of both worlds - fat burning and muscle building in shorter workouts than ever before.

These new workout breakthroughs now allow you to get results anywhere, anytime. You don't need fancy weight machines. You don't need ineffective and inaccurate treadmills or elliptical trainers. You don't need expensive gym memberships. And you certainly don't need to be wiping other people's sweat off your workout equipment.

Join the bodyweight revolution today and start using bodyweight exercises as your fat burning solution at home or on the road. You can get fit and lose fat even if you're globetrotting your way around the world.

She Has No More Excuses for Skipping Workouts While Traveling

“These bodyweight exercises are GREAT for traveling as well.  No more excuses to skip workouts or to stay in shape during vacations, especially to places where free weights are not readily available. Thanks!”

Elle Donato

He Traveled Around the World Using Turbulence Training as His Portable Gym

“Hey, just wanted to let you know that after six months of joy riding through South East Asia, I've arrived back in a western country leaner than when I left Canada. As anyone who has traveled that corner of the world can tell you, there are many things you need to ingest that aren't ideal from a nutrition standpoint. From grasshoppers to spectacular curries to the odd party "bucket", loaded with booze and Red Bull – and the sugar that goes with it. However, by using your bodyweight routines a couple of times a week, and eating lots of the fresh and varied produce in the markets, I actually arrived in New Zealand in better shape than when I left Canada.  The workouts are a great challenge, and convenient enough to do anywhere - including some very dodgy hotel rooms.  I also found your daily emails a useful touchstone to remind me that while taking a vacation from work, I didn't need to stop all of the easy and useful habits that go along with the TT Lifestyle. Thanks again Craig.”

Patrick O’Reilly, Teacher

If I haven't convinced you by now that the Ultimate Turbulence Training Bodyweight Fat Burning Solution is the best, at home, bodyweight workout system, then I'm just about ready to give up.

But I have one more promise for you. And that is our 8-week, 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee. You have absolutely nothing to risk by trying the Turbulence Training bodyweight workouts.

In fact, I want to remind you of the big Canadian-strength guarantee I made earlier when I said...

"It is my personal promise to you that if your friends don't accuse you of joining a gym and hiring an expensive personal trainer because of your amazing results, you can just send back the Turbulence Training Bodyweight Workout Fat Burning Solution for a full refund."

Try the Turbulence Training Bodyweight Fat Burning Solution For 8 Full Weeks With A No-Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee! 

"Test drive" the Turbulence Training Bodyweight Fat Burning Solution for the next 8 weeks with absolutely no risk so you can see for yourself how much fat you can lose or how much muscle you can gain. You are completely protected by our iron clad 100% money back guarantee on our fat burning workouts.

You will not only be satisfied, I guarantee you will be thrilled and amazed with the Turbulence Training Fat Burning Solution, or you can simply email me and ask for a prompt and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% refund.

In fact, if you're not completely happy for any reason at all, then I insist that you ask for a refund. However, after seeing so many men AND women transform their bodies while saving so...much time by using these amazing fat burning bodyweight workouts, I'm totally confident that you're going to love these fat loss workouts too and you'll start seeing the best results of your life.

Just Say NO to Cardio and Stinky, Dirty Commercial Gyms and Try The Proven Turbulence Training Bodyweight Fat Burning Solution Today

Look, I know how difficult it is to find real, expert, science-based advice on fitness and fat loss workouts these days. It's not your fault. Heck, I was even a Kinesiology student (fancy word for exercise science!) and I still managed to gain 10 pounds.

Fortunately, like you, I kept looking for the right information, and I found it and experienced a turning point in my life that allowed me to not only reverse my weight gain, but to help thousands, if not millions of men and women just like you to burn fat and lose inches in the comfort of their own homes with bodyweight workouts.

You don’t need long, slow cardio workouts, expensive machines, dozens of dumbbells, 2-hour bodybuilder workouts, or a fancy gym membership to burn belly fat.

All you need is your bodyweight a proven, professional bodyweight workout solution.

I promise you that Turbulence Training has worked for thousands of others and it will work for you too or you can keep the fat burning program for FREE, it's as simple as that. That's also why I'm offering it to you with such a generous no risk guarantee.

All you have to do is click on the link below to order & and I promise you are going to be blown away with how good you look in the mirror in a very, very short time!

“Turbulence Training is phenomenal. Craig's system has taught me more about bodyweight exercises than I knew was possible. Also with a busy life style he offers exercises that you can do anywhere, anytime with little to no equipment. It is affordable and worthwhile.” 

Darren Motuz, Winnipeg Manitoba

Craig's Customer Service Will Completely Satisfy You!

“I started working out again (after being lazy since getting out of the military several years ago) with the Abs Diet book. However, your body adjusts and adapts to the workout routine quickly. I stopped getting the results I desired and looked to another source. That's when I came across Turbulence Training. After a few months of reluctant hesitation, I got the 6-month bodyweight manual. I say hesitation because spending money over the internet is always a risk when you do not know an individual (compared to a well known company) personally. All I can say is, I'm glad I finally made the purchase. I am completely satisfied with your product and your excellent customer service. Customer service seems to be a dying art these days and is the reason I am a repeat customer of yours. With all of that being said, the most important thing to me is that our training philosophy is very similar. Even though the results do make you look better, my main goal is overall health and fitness. Your programs are designed to improve a human's health and fitness levels, not just improve how a man looks in the mirror from the waist up. The fact that you develop specific programs for women is impressive as well. Keep up the hard work and try to remember how you are positively effecting many of us out here even though we have not met face to face. Thanks for everything.”

Matthew Murray

If you are sick and tired of going to the gym and putting up with crowds and
hassles and not getting fat loss results, then please let me help you burn
fat at home with the Turbulence Training Bodyweight Fat Burning Solution.

As a dear friend of mine, I truly want you to succeed and change your body
and life just like I did almost 15 years ago. I still remember the diet and
exercise frustrations I had until I started using bodyweight exercises to
turn my life around.

The Turbulence Training bodyweight workouts have been used by thousands of
men and women just like you. Folks who are busy and who deserve a lot more
fat loss results than their current cardio and machine workouts are giving.
Plus, I want to give you a proven fat loss workout that respects your time
and doesn't require you to put up with disrespectful strangers in an
undesirable gym environment.

I want to thank you in advance for your order and I look forward to helping you burn fat and build a better body in less time than ever before.


Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
Author, Turbulence Training for Fat Loss
Men's Health Magazine Fitness Expert
Oxygen Magazine Training Advisory Board

P.S. – If you are sick and tired of spending hours upon hours in the gym doing ineffective fat burning workouts and getting next to no results, then use Turbulence Training Bodyweight Fat Burning Solution to cut back on your workout time, lose inches, and CHANGE YOUR LIFE like it did for me.

P.P.S. There's only one catch to all this. You need to act now to get the
Turbulence Training Fat Burning Solution for ONLY $247 plus free shipping.
Soon the price goes up to $297 and the FREE SHIPPING will be taken away.

P.P.P.S. – There is NO RISK at all for you to try the Turbulence Training Bodyweight Fat Burning Solution. If you aren't thrilled with the decreased workout time and increased fat loss and energy from the Turbulence Training system in 8 weeks, let us know and we'll refund your order. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. My Turbulence Training bodyweight workouts have already been trusted by the biggest fitness magazines in the world (Men's Health & Oxygen) for fat burning, and I guarantee it will work for you too!

NOTE: The Turbulence Training Bodyweight Fat Burning Solution is a downloadable e-book. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

Your FREE GIFTS will be shipped to you. Please allow the following for delivery.
North America: 4 weeks
UK: 6-8 weeks
Australia and Asia: 8 weeks

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