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Get Back Into Shape in Only 4 Weeks with the Most Popular TT Workout

Who Else Wants to Burn Belly Fat at Home with More Abs Exercises, Shorter Interval Workouts, and Proven Metabolic Resistance Training Supersets?

PLUS You'll Receive the 4-Week "TT Transformation Blueprint" Program and 30-Days Access to the Exclusive TT Member's Area For FREE Extra supersets, more abs, shorter interval workouts and your first chance to do my timed bodyweight interval training program.

Here's your chance to save over 67% when you grab the instant fat burning classic that I recommend to anyone wanting to lose the last 10 pounds of stubborn belly fat. PLUS, you'll also get TT Transformation, a collection of my most popular workout methods used by TT Transformation Contest winners.

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(you will receive both TT workouts for $19.95 plus 30 days free in the TT
Member's area - and if you choose to remain a TT member, you will be billed
$19.95 per month starting in 30 days)

Article by Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS, Men’s Health Fitness Expert

After listening to TT users' recommendations, I entered the Turbulence Training Lab with one goal in mind to produce a program that went above and beyond what anyone could have wanted or even expected.  And I am convinced that with TT Buff and Hot you will not be disappointed.  In fact, this program could quite possible become an instant classic among TT users!

This program includes my vintage upper-body, lower-body split routines, along with extra total body ab exercises, more resistance training for muscle sculpting, and shorter, but harder interval training workouts, making for a unique TWIST on the Turbulence Training program. And if that isn't enough to get your heart racing, you'll also do one workout that includes timed bodyweight interval training.   Whew-wee, are you ready?

Many people know that it's important to play around with different exercises every 4 weeks or so in order to avoid gains that have flattened out.  But, what many people fail to realize is that it's just as important to switch up the WAY in which you workout.  That's precisely the reason I included a timed bodyweight interval training workout.

By putting your body through a timed circuit where each week you attempt to finish it in a faster time than your previous mark, it will enable you to overcome both the strength gains plateau AND the mental plateau.  It's this type of performance training, according to Alwyn Cosgrove, one of the most in-demand coaches, speakers, and writers in the fitness industry today, that will unknowingly lead to an improved physique.

With Buff and Hot in your arsenal, I GUARANTEE that your friends will think you're on the latest fat burner!  But your friends won't be the only ones to take notice of your dramatic transformation, everyone will, including YOU!

And if you're still not sure that intervals are better than cardio, just check the science...

1) One study showed interval training was better than cardio at burning belly fat (and cut the workout time in half) - and I'll give you more interval training research in a second, but first, some studies that show the futility of cardio...

2) One cardio study found that 300 hours of cardio per year helped men lose only 6 pounds (and women lost only 4 pounds). So that's about 50 hours of cardio per pound of weight lost ˆ at BEST!

(Reference: Obesity 15:1496-1512, 2007)

3) A third study found SOME folks start eating MORE when they start cardio workouts and believe it or not, these folks ended up gaining weight on a cardio program!

(Reference: International Journal of Obesity 32: 177-184, 2008)

But the best way, the fastest way, and the most enjoyable way to burn fat is with interval training. And you’ll get dozens of workouts in this manual.

In the meantime, FORGET about slow, boring cardio. Sure, it's good for people who run marathons, but for busy people who want to lose fat, it’s a HUGE waste of time.

Now…The Case for Interval Training

Research on interval training for fat loss goes way back to the mid-1990’s, including the landmark study conducted by Dr. Angelo Tremblay at Laval University in Quebec. His research found high-intensity interval training to be more effective for fat loss than continuous low-intensity “aerobic” training. In addition, a 2006 study out of Australia showed similar results.

You CAN Out-Train a Bad Diet!

In fact, one subject from the Australian interval training study lost over 16 pounds despite the fact that she didn’t change her diet (and was regularly consuming donuts and other sweets). Her results suggest that you CAN out-train a bad diet, as long as you are using interval training.

When you combine those research studies with my 11 years of experience successfully training thousands of men and women with interval training, I’m sure you’ll agree that short, burst interval training is the best way to burn belly fat. There’s simply no need to for long, slow cardio workouts anymore. (Not that anyone has the time for them anyways.)

In this special offer, you'll get the Turbulence Training for Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks Workout PLUS a copy of the follow-up program I called the "TT Transformation Blueprint". These workouts give you more abs exercises, shorter interval workouts, and proven fat burning supersets. And you'll save 50% on this amazing transformation fat burning workout package.

You'll join thousands of Turbulence Training clients who have used these unique interval training workouts to lose fat FASTER than with boring ol' cardio. Just listen to their powerful success stories...

Skeptic Falls In Love With TT Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks!

"I would like to thank you for creating this workout! It was the first workout I got from your website and WOW, I was so impressed that since then I got several more.

The TT Buff-Dudes and Hot Chicks Fat Loss Workout's title is synonymous with the results.

I recently got married and trained really hard for 4 months prior to the wedding as I wanted to look fit and fab but two months after the wedding I had lost all motivation and regressed into my old ways of swapping exercise for the TV remote, THEN I found you on facebook and started reading up about your workouts, watched your clips on youtube and finally got the TT Buff-Dudes and Hot Chicks workout.

I must admit that I was a little bit sceptical at first as I am with all fitness websites and workouts but that scepticism quickly disappeared by week two. I got my motivation back and my passion for fitness has grown with each day - I no longer push my gym bag further under the bed but instead I pack it and get it ready for the next day the minute I get home and seeing my toned and fit body as a result is a big confidence booster.

The best thing about this workout is that you don't need a fancy or expensive gym and your facebook page and website is a reality check for the days when I think I am too busy to workout.

I completed 4 weeks on this workout and am now on week 2 of my second workout from your website. I am so excited about your programs and introduced two friends to them who are both hooked.

You are an inspiration to us all! Thank you again."
- Janine

Try the Complete TT At-Home Fat Burning Workout System For 8 Full Weeks With A No-Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

"Test drive" the Turbulence Training At-Home Fat Burning Workouts for the next 8 weeks with absolutely no risk so you can see for yourself how much fat you can lose. You are completely protected by our iron clad 100% money back guarantee.

You will not only be satisfied, I guarantee you will be thrilled and amazed with the fat burning program, or you can simply email me and ask for a prompt and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% refund.

In fact, if you're not completely happy for any reason at all, then I insist that you ask for a refund. However, after seeing so many guys and gals transform their bodies while saving so much time by using these amazing fat burning workouts they can do at home, I'm totally confident that you're going to love these workouts too and you'll start seeing the best results of your life.

Click Here to Get All Three Workouts for Only $19.95
(you will receive both TT workouts for $19.95 plus 30 days free in the TT
Member's area - and if you choose to remain a TT member, you will be billed
$19.95 per month starting in 30 days)

If you want to lose fat without slow, boring cardio, or if you need to break through a fat loss plateau, I guarantee that NOTHING works better than interval training and bodyweight circuit training.

To your fat loss success,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
Author, Turbulence Training

PS - If you are sick and tired of doing all that cardio with so little to show, then change your workouts today and get started with the COMPLETE Turbulence Training Transformation Fat Burning Workout System for only $19.95 - that's a savings of OVER 67%.

PPS - Your results are guaranteed by my 100% money back promise. If you aren't satisfied with your results from the program, just let us know and you'll be refunded your $19.95 before the end of the 60-day period. And no matter what you decide, you can keep ALL of the bonuses!

Click Here to Get All Three Workouts for Only $19.95
(you will receive both TT workouts for $19.95 plus 30 days free in the TT
Member's area - and if you choose to remain a TT member, you will be billed
$19.95 per month starting in 30 days)

NOTE: Turbulence Training For Fat Loss is a downloadable exercise routine manual. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the exercise routine manual and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The exercise routine manual format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

If you need assistance on anything, you can contact us at info@turbulencetraining.com.

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