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Fat Loss Expert Craig Ballantyne Reveals the Secrets Behind the World's Most Popular Home Fat Loss Workout System to Help You Burn Fat in Just 3 Short Workouts Per Week WITHOUT CARDIO!
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Inside the revolutionary book, "Just Say NO to Cardio", you'll discover...

Chapter 1. The Evolution of Weight Loss
  • The 3 Keys to fat loss.
  • The reason why short, burst workouts work better than traditional so- called "weight loss workouts"
  • A minute-by-minute guide to an Interval Training workout

Chapter 2. The Great Cardio Scam

  • The truth about the Interval Training vs. Cardio debate
  • The dreaded slow cardio-appetite connection
  • 3 Ways to Beat belly fat
  • How to get your FREE GIFT worth $29.95

Chapter 3. Short Burst Exercise˜The Belly Fat Solution

  • The contrast between old, ineffective traditional fat loss programs and the 3-day or 6-day Turbulence Training schedule
  • Why Turbulence Training works so well for women
  • The simple fat burning mistakes men make
  • Why the Turbulence Training Transformation Contest works so well for fat loss

Chapter 4. The Ultimate Home Gym

  • Revealed: The Commercial Gym Myth
  • The truth about calorie counting machines
  • Unique and fun ways to do interval training

Chapter 5. The Turbulence Training Workout

  • How to set up the best fat burning workout
  • The truth about bodybuilding and strength training for fat loss
  • The interval training secrets to burn belly fat

Chapter 6. The Secrets to Great Bodyweight Workouts

  • The most over-rated bodyweight exercise
  • How to set up bodyweight circuits to burn belly fat
  • The truth about crunches and better exercises
  • The ultimate fat burning bodyweight challenge

Chapter 7. Five Simple Nutrition Rules for Fat Burning

  • How to find out what you are truly eating
  • The simplest, most important rule about weight loss diets
  • How often should you cheat
  • How to avoid the cardio confessional
  • The one thing every dieter must do to lose weight

Chapter 8. The Top Five Fat Loss Myths

  • The truth about morning cardio
  • The truth about fat burning zone cardio
  • The truth about supplements and fat burning
  • How to beat paralysis by analysis

Chapter 9. The Forgotten Secret to Fat Loss Success

  • How to create a fat burning world you can live in
  • How to set fat burning goals you can finally achieve
  • The truth about taking measurements
Chapter 10. The Five Step Quick-Start Guide to Burning Belly Fat
  • What to do about cardio
  • What you must do with your workouts to burn fat

Helping you burn fat with Turbulence Training and WITHOUT cardio,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
Author, Just Say NO to Cardio

Get Your Free Turbulence Training Fat Burning Bonus Workouts & Exclusive Motivational Audio by Ordering "Just Say NO to Cardio" on Right Now ($149.95 value)

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