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2009 Turbulence Training
Monthly Workouts

The 2009 workouts are the toughest, most effective Turbulence Training workouts ever designed! From the TT Dumbbell 10x10 in 2K9 to the now legendary Workout C in February's "Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks" program, you'll get even more results in less workout time. These workouts are the greatest home fat burning workouts ever!

Get started with these incredible workouts today!

TT 2K9
January 2009

The most powerful fat loss workout yet...including the infamous 10x10 Dumbbell Circuit.

TT Buff Dudes - Hot Chicks
February 2009

Extra supersets, more abs, shorter interval workouts and your first chance to do my timed bodyweight interval training program.

TT March Madness Circuits
March 2009

Extra supersets, more abs, shorter interval workouts and your first chance to do my timed bodyweight interval training program.

TT AAA Abs 4-Week Workout Program
April 2009

If you want abs of steel and a rock hard body, then you have come to the right place.  TT AAA Abs is loaded full of exercises that will leave your abs feeling the burn for days on end!

Turbulence Training Reformed Meatheads 4-Week Workout Program
May 2009

A fat loss program for former bodybuilders who used to think that training 6 days per week for 90 minutes at a time was the only way to "get cut".

Turbulence Training Beginner 101 4-Week Workout Program
May 2009

If you are new, overweight, or have not worked out in a long time, then start with Turbulence Training Beginner 101.  Inside you'll discover supersets, intervals, and bodyweight exercises all designed with the beginner in mind.

Turbulence Training Depletion Workout Program
June 2009

The TT Depletion Workouts are for everyone who still doesn't have enough time to do the regular TT workouts. Each TT Depletion program is only 20 minutes and you only train twice per week, so you have to give everything you can in just those 20 minutes.

Turbulence Training Reconstruction Workout Program
July 2009

Broken down? Beat up? Ready to make it a comeback?

Get started with the 5-day total body TT Reconstruction program that will rebuild the perfect body for you while burning belly fat and sculpting muscle.

Turbulence Training Lean and Jacked
August 2009

Better than Rocky IV and Superman IV combined, this is Turbulence Training Meatheads IV - Get LEAN and JACKED!

You'll use traditional bodybuilding exercises and bodyweight exercises in an insane hybrid workout to help you build muscle and burn fat in only 3 workouts per week.

Turbulence Training Mini Bodyweight Workout
August 2009

Think you can't get results in just 15 minutes using only 3 exercises? Well, take the mini-bodyweight circuit workout challenge.

And yes, for all those folks that want more exercise, there's some additional circuit training planned out for you if you just can't stick to 3 exercises.

Turbulence Training European Vacation 4-Week Workout
September 2009

Bodyweight exercises you can do anytime, anywhere.  Performed in the streets of Paris, Amsterdam, and Brussels, this program is a great way to stay lean while away from the "gym"! 

Turbulence Training 2K9 Fusion Workout
October 2009

Another advanced Turbulence Training program - an updated version of the original Fusion Fat Loss System...but this time with MORE ingredients!

TT Kettlebell Kickstart
November 2009

A classic kettlebell combination workout you can do with bodyweight exercises to kickstart your kettlebell experience. It will show you the basic exercises along with advanced programming to help you get amazing results in a short amount of time and in just a small amount of space.

TT 15-Minute Express Workout
December 2009

Beginner and advanced Turbulence Training workouts - Express style - meaning you are done everything in 15 minutes (including the warm-up).

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