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The Simple Lifestyle Changes for Ultimate Fat Loss

The name of the game here is to start making simple, yet lasting changes into your current lifestyle. When you are able to slowly integrate these easy, yet powerfully effective changes into your day-to-day routine, you begin to form positive habits that reinforce your new healthy lifestyle and in turn speed up the process of fat loss.

You now know the real key to fat loss is not diet or exercise, but more importantly, your mindset, so what are some of the specific habits you can change to start seeing results?

Some of these answers will seem so painfully obvious that you may even wonder why you didn't think of them yourself, while others will have you in an "AHA" moment.

People ask me all the time, "Craig, how can I kick my bad weight gaining habits to the curb?"

The best advice I can give you is to start formulating a positive association with something you don't like to do with something you do like to do. By taking something enjoyable and connecting it with a habit you need to change, your likelihood of actually realizing that change is much greater.

Track, track, and more tracking! The key to keeping you motivated to hit the gym and hungry for fat loss is to know whether or not you are improving when it comes to your diet and your workouts. So make sure you are tracking your workouts and taking note of the types of food you are consuming on a daily basis.

Similarly tied to tracking is discovering your body. If you can track your body's variations to different stimuli, such as different foods, workouts, and sleep, then you are in a much better position to carry out the habits giving you the most positive fat loss results.

A very common bad habit is our insatiable appetite for mindlessly eating. For you to lose the fat, you need to switch off your habit eating and determine if you truly are hungry. Simple, yet effective tricks to keep random snack attacks at bay can include brushing your teeth after a meal, chewing gum, or getting up and moving around.

Shopping, planning, and preparing your weekly grocery list is another vital habit you want to get used to doing. This will help to overcome those nagging "life" obstacles that have a tendency to sneak up on us and throw our routine completely out the window.

The bottom line, however, is that you need to believe in yourself. These habitual changes will only come to fruition if you truly believe that you can make these changes. Once you have that mindset, the next step is all about instilling these positive habitual changes into a lifestyle that is consistent with what it is you set out to achieve.

Up next, I take a look at the importance of setting the right type of goals for yourself that will help to ensure you don't fall off the fat loss wagon. In addition, keep an eye out for my good friend Brad Pilon, as he makes an appearance to talk about nutrition and our relationship with food.

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