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Do You Want an Exclusive, Ground Floor Opportunity to Become One of the First 100 Certified Turbulence Trainers® in the World?

Dear Turbulence Training Reader,

Due to popular demand, I'm going to start a TT Certification program ASAP!!!

Here's why I'm moving FAST to certify lots of TT Trainers just like you...

For over 11 years I’ve been helping men and women all over the world to burn belly in less workout time than ever before, but until now, no other trainers have been certified to teach the research-proven, time-tested, trademarked Turbulence Training techniques.

And there are now over 61,085 subscribers to the Turbulence Training emails – all looking to get personal help from Certified Turbulence Trainers.

In fact, over 12,081 men and women have their own copy of Turbulence Training and are using it on a daily basis, not too mention the hundreds of thousands of others who have used one of the free workouts available online or in the magazines.

But everyday I hear from potential clients who want a Certified Turbulence Trainer to work with them in their own home or gym to show them how to get maximum fat burning results in a limited amount of time. However, I have no one to send them to!

And each day a personal trainer from every corner of the globe emails me for help, not only with technical workout questions, but more often about how to get more clients in this increasingly competitive world of personal training.

So that's why I'm ready to certify energetic and enthusiastic men and women to help me spread the Turbulence Training Fat Loss Revolution around the entire world!

TT Certification DETAILS:

1) The 1st-Ever Turbulence Training Certification will be in Toronto on the weekend of March 6-8. It will be 8 hours in the gym, 4 hours of physiology, and there will also be 4 hours on Marketing to fill your bootcamps and training schedule.

More details to come! Please fill in the application form below if you are

Email your application to:
Support (AT) Turbulencetraining.com

2) The second TT Certification will be in Edison, New Jersey on March 14-15th.

Each TT Certification weekend is limited to 20 people.

More details to come! Please fill in the application form below if you are

Email your application to:
Support (AT) Turbulencetraining.com

HOWEVER, these are not "restricted" in any other way.

EVERYONE is eligible to attend the TT Certification program. You can come from any state, any country, and any continent (and we'll soon be coming to you as well!).

Cost will be $995 (and we'll set up a 3-pay payment plan).

To be notified of future Turbulence Training Certifications, please enter
your contact information below.

First Name:
Last Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

I only wish something like the new Certified Turbulence Trainer System was around when I was a struggling trainer. But back then, there weren’t any “done for you, all in one” marketing systems that gave you a road map for getting new clients, setting up profitable fat burning boot camps, and generating leads from the Internet.

What will you get?

1) You'll be among the first people in the world to be a Certified
Turbulence Trainer!

2) You'll get two days of hands-on instruction on the most effective and
fastest fat loss workouts in the world.

3) You'll discover the fat burning secrets of the Turbulence Training
workouts and you'll have access to exclusive, never-seen-before Turbulence
Training Bootcamp workouts.

4) You'll receive a special 4-hour presentation on how to run your training
business, get more clients, and make more money in less time using your new,
unique knowledge about fat loss workouts and bootcamps.

5) You'll also get the "TT Mega Pack" of DVD's and manuals before the event,
and a set of Turbulence Training Certification DVD's after you are certified
(these DVD's will be a recording of a previous Turbulence Training

6) You'll get 2 free copies of the Certified Turbulence Trainer Inner Circle
Newsletter that features new exercise tips and promotional materials to help
you fill your bootcamps and generate more personal training clients.

7) As we grow, there will be new specialty TT Certifications, Online
Business Opportunities, Instructor Opportunities, and Personal Group
Coaching Opportunities that will come available.

8) And finally, as a Certified Turbulence Trainer you'll be featured in our
recommended partners area on our website, and you'll be recognized in the
Turbulence Training email that goes out to over 61,085 subscribers

This is an exciting time for Turbulence Training!


Q: How much does the Turbulence Training Certification cost?

The investment for the first 100 Certified Turbulence Trainers will be only
$995 (or 3 payments of $350 - with $50 administration fee added).

After the first 100 Certified Turbulence Trainers, the investment will
increase to $1495.

Q: Do I have to be a Certified Personal Trainer already?

No, you do not need to be a Certified Trainer to attend. We will be showing
you exactly how to train folks with the TT Workouts and the never-seen-
before TT Bootcamp workouts. We will also recommend a source for personal
trainer insurance to help you get started after the TT Certification.

Q: How long will the certification be valid?

The Certification will be valid for 2 years before recertification is

Q: Will there be other TT Certifications coming soon?

Yes, I plan on doing at least one per month, and most Certification programs
will take place in Toronto.

Q: Will you be doing TT Certifications in Europe, Asia, Australia, or South

Yes, we will be bringing Turbulence Training around the world, however we'll
need help setting up these events. Please contact me if you think you can
help us out with a location and filling the event with trainers.

Click here to contact us:

I plan on doing a LOT of these certifications...I just need help getting
venues. If you can help set up a venue, that would be much appreciated.

Time to start spreading the TT Fat Loss Revolution!

To be notified of future Turbulence Training Certifications, please enter
your contact information below.

First Name:
Last Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:

Let me know if you have questions,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
Author, Turbulence Training

PS - Spaces are limited for the first 100 Certified Turbulence Trainers!

So please fill in the application form below if you are interested.

Email your application to:
Support (AT) Turbulencetraining.com

PPS - Do you want to help hold a TT Certification in your city?

If so, please contact us at:
Support (AT) Turbulencetraining.com

Use Turbulence Training as your blueprint to more clients and more money!

"Craig's advice has been invaluable to me! His Turbulence Training has been the blueprint for all of my semi-private and Boot Camp training programs. I am now treated like a local celebrity by my clients following their transformations plus I get referrals from local chiropractors because their clients are getting fast, effective and long-lasting results. In addition to this having followed his marketing strategies, I have started 2 new corporate Boot Camps which will earn me an extra £180 (US$270) per week. If you are serious about your fitness business and want to provide your clients with great results in record time then you need to invest in the Turbulence Training System.”
Andy Wallis,
WorkoutSMARTER.com, Isle of Man

"Turbulence Training is one of the single most effective fat loss systems on the market today. If you train ANYONE who is short of time and is even remotely interested in fat loss - then you NEED to be studying Craig Ballantyne and Turbulence Training."
Alwyn Cosgrove,

Men’s Health Magazine Training Advisor

“Hey Craig, first I want to say thanks for your tireless attention whenever I email a question about anything. There is always a quick response. Secondly: I LOVE the work outs you develop. It saves me so much time as a trainer. I work mostly with older women, and when I have a young male client I am typically stumped for some good variety. I simply open my Turbulence Training folder and can quickly find a program that is safe and effective. They feel they got their money’s worth after a session and the intervals are fun for them. Most clients have never heard of them.  Thanks for all you do for us trainers Craig.”  

Diane Holden-- Certified Personal Trainer
National Strength and Conditioning Association
Pocatello, Idaho

"Turbulence Training is absolutely incredible. I've worked out for years and spent many dollars on personal trainers with very minimal results. TT is the only way to go. There really isn't even a close second!! I'm telling everybody who will listen about TT. There's so much junk out there that I love telling people when I find something that is really great. One of the things I say about you on my website is that you over-deliver. You over-deliver like nobody I've ever seen. Keep up the GREAT WORK."
Steve Tuggle, CPT

"As a certified fitness professional for more than 8 years, I have come across every kind of "fat-loss" promise...in less than 3 months of Turbulence Training, I have dropped almost 10 pounds, but more importantly, i have also dropped over 9% BODY FAT. Since many of Craig's programs require minimum equipment, or none at all, except your own body weight, they are ideal for the home client, as well as the "road warrior". Along with a safe, sane sensible eating plan, which NEVER leaves me hungry, I credit Turbulence Training for my body change accomplishments."
Jason Koronakos, Certified Fitness Professional
New York, NY

“Turbulence Training dials in like no other.  It is explosive, direct and most importantly effective!  I enjoy the program a ton, but my clients, especially the ladies, enjoy it more with their sexy new bodies in no time flat!  Turbulence has become a staple in my training style. Thanks Craig for producing the truth!  A legit program for making legit transformations, ya gotta love it!”
Kenny Johnson, CSCS, RKC
Kenetic Fitness, Atlanta, GA

“Craig, my man! All I can say is...WOW! Having been a Turbulence Training member of your site now for about 2 years, Shannon and I already have high expectations from you because we know that your "standard" is to over deliver what is already some of the best in industry programming. But we just can not believe where you have gone with the TT for Abs program coming up! We just downloaded our copy and man...I LOVE IT! It is awesome! And the nutrition guide is right there with the best practice nutrition science for getting lean, athletic physiques! It is very close to exactly what we are coaching our nutrition clients on (and they are paying WAAAYYY more than the cost of this program for just one month of coaching).
Using your 6 month Body weight program a year and a half ago I went from 19.8% body fat down to 12.5% getting ready for my wedding (@ 43 years old). I fell out of consistent workouts trying other methods and blossomed back up to 18-20%...now over the past three months I have been back to my Turbulence Training and am back to 14.5% body fat on my way to sub 10 this time around. Thanks to your programs I don't need to think and I am having fun. I am feeling great and tight and strongly functional. Thanks for designing programs that I can trust and use. As a Certified Master Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, and Biomechanics Specialist, and busy professionals running our own business, we appreciate your work.”
Rob Yontz, MFT, CFN
Shannon Yontz, CPT, CFN
True North Fitness & Health
Ventura County Adventure Boot Camps
Voice America Health & Wellness Radio Hosts (Get Fit Radio)

“I have invested large amounts into my business, equipment, and programming. Quite often the exercise programs that I invest in are disappointing because of the lack of quality information or workouts, or it is already something I use in my programming. I am amazed at the variety of your programs and I use the TT cardio approach with 90% of my clients. One of my clients dropped around 18-19 pounds using Turbulence Training with a bike, while also incorporating a supportive diet, a lot of the nutrition tips that you have in your workouts are the ones that I pass on because I believe supportive nutrition is a must. Thanks for the great workouts!”

Beverly Ivey, NSCA-CPT
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
B-Fit Personal Training

“All of your Turbulence Training materials are required reading for all International Fitness Academy's trainers. I have spent a great deal of time studying your research and training programs and find them to be precise, accurate and effective. Our clients have truly benefited from the application of your training guidelines. We are most impressed with the research you have put into designing Turbulence Training which has resulted
in the finest fat loss training product on the market.”
Lanny Schaffer, MS, Exercise Physiologist, and Dr. Ira M Silverman, MD
The International Fitness Academy, Topeka, Kansas

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